Home Improvements You Should Complete Before Winter

Sep 20, 2022

Winter is coming and it’s time to start thinking about the winter projects that you’ll need to complete. We’ve outlined our recommendations for some home improvements that should be done before any possible inclement weather, including siding your house, updating your gutters, and fixing any leaks. AMD Remodeling is here with some helpful tips and advice to best prepare your house for the winter months.

3 Best Plan For Winter Home Improvement - AMD Remodeling


Do You Have a Plan?

If you’re thinking about updating your home in preparation for winter, there are a few things you should do before the cold weather sets in. Whether it’s sprucing up your exterior or completing some essential home repairs, make sure to have a plan in place before the snow starts falling. Here are five home improvements you should complete before winter:

  1. Replace Your Exterior Lighting: If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow and ice, your exterior lighting can become a major liability. Not only can it be confusing for drivers on the road, but it can also be dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists who may not see you coming. Replace your outdoor lighting with brighter, more visible options that will help keep you and your family safe during the winter season.
  2. Get Your Roof Inspected: One of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for winter is to inspect your roof. Not only will this protect your home from potential damage during a storm, but it will also protect you against any leaks that could occur should we experience frozen precipitation. A properly maintained roof will also increase the overall curb appeal of your property.
  3. Secure Your Doors and Windows: One of the most overlooked ways to keep your home secure in the winter is to ensure your doors and windows are properly secured. Make sure you’ve got storm shutters that can be closed during inclement weather and are accessible from the inside of your home as well as weather locks for exterior doors.
  4. Upgrade Your Gutters: If you have gutters on your roof, now is a good time to inspect them for clogging or debris buildup. This will help prevent water damage when it rains and also prevent ice dams that can cause pipes to freeze.


What Home Improvements Should You Complete Before Winter?

When the weather starts to cool down, many homeowners like to think about all of the home improvements they can make. But what should you do before winter hits? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Repair or replace any damaged insulation in your attic, walls, and ceilings. This will help keep your home warm during the colder months.
  2. Insulate your windows and doors. Windows and doors let in cold air and heat, respectively, so it’s important to insulate them well. You can also install a thermal barrier between the door and frame to further reduce drafts.
  3. Check your roof for leaks and repairs. A leaky roof can cause water damage inside your home and can also lead to freezing rain or snow on your roofing material. Make sure to inspect your roof for any signs of leakage and fix any problems that you find.
  4. Check your foundation for any cracks or other issues. If there are any problems with your foundation, they may become worse during the colder months as freeze-thaw cycles take their toll on the structure. Deal with any issues before winter hits so that you don’t have to worry about your foundation.
  5. Double check your home’s water heater or tank. You may want to switch to a tankless water heater for winter use. The newer, tankless models heat the water on demand and are extremely efficient, which means that you will save money over the life of the unit. If you have an older tank, consider upgrading to something that is more efficient in order to lower your utility costs during winter months.
  6. Check your furnace if it has a digital readout or if it has been upgraded with other new features in recent years like smart technology or variable speed settings, etcetera. These are just some suggestions on how to prepare your home for winter without spending too much money on a cold-weather project!


How to Budget for Winter Home Improvements

When it comes to budgeting for home improvements in the winter, think about the big items first and then work your way down.

  1. Install a heat pump and air conditioning unit: These two big investments will help you save on your energy bill and keep your home comfortable all winter long.
  2. Replace or patch leaking pipes and roofing: Water damage can quickly add up in the winter, so be sure to get these repairs done now.
  3. Insulate your walls, ceilings and floors: This will help reduce energy costs in the winter and make your home more comfortable during colder months.
  4. Replace worn-out appliances and furniture: If you have older appliances or furniture that needs to be replaced, do it now before they fail in the cold weather.
  5. Clean out your gutters and downspouts: accumulated debris can lead to serious plumbing problems in the winter. Get everything cleared out before it causes any trouble.


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