The Top 10 Bathroom Trends for 2024

Jan 28, 2022

Bathroom trends have been around for so long that it’s hard to keep track of them. But that’s not stopping people from continuing to come up with new ideas for renovations. The Top 10 Bathroom Trends for 2024 are all about taking a step back in time and adding some more personality to your bathroom with these trending bathroom decorating ideas.

Best Bathroom Trends For The Year 2024 - AMD Remodeling

#1: High Ceilings

With the modernization of homes and technology, high ceilings are popping back up and enthralling homeowners everywhere. The first place to look for high ceilings is on a bathroom. Not only is it an aesthetic choice that many homeowners want to make for themselves, but it also creates an echo-free environment and provides a sense of peace.

#2: Seamless Floors

The most contemporary bathrooms of today are made with seamless floors. This not only creates a more comfortable, cleaner environment, but it also makes the interior space seem as if it’s never ending. The seamless flooring is easy to clean and its material features an add-on that looks like wood grain that makes the room appear lighter and less cluttered.

#3: Recessed Lighting

Take a look around your current home, or just about any other bathroom, and you’ll see that the number one bathroom trend for the next few years is recessed lighting.

#4: Ornate Trim

Ornate trims are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. Not only is the design of these trims sophisticated, the materials used to make them can be luxurious as well. Bathroom designers love using glass and metal to create unique and beautiful designs that are often intricate and detailed.

#5: Separate Shower Enclosures

A lot of people have bathrooms without shower enclosures, but they will become more and more popular as the trend is to create a space that feels like an oasis. Shower enclosures are great because they make it easy to be social in the bathroom which can keep the toilet from getting messy with all the steam and water.

#6: Wall Mirrors

This is a bathroom trend that many people are already noticing. It is important to have wall mirrors in the bathroom because they will make you feel like you have more space and they create an illusion of more storage space. They also make it easier to get ready before heading out.

#7: Freestanding Shelves

A freestanding shelf can make a big difference in a bathroom. In this way, it is similar to a vanity or sink. The shelves are also helpful because they are easy to clean and store toiletries on top. A great option would be one with three shelves.

#8: New Toilet Designs

As technology continues to evolve, toilets are changing as well. One of the more popular bathroom trends is the new toilet designs that are being created. The most notable design is one that features a customizable shape and size for greater comfort. The other trend is the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) by toilets, which allows for remote operation and increased safety measures in the bathroom.

#9: Cosmopolitan Lighting In Towel Rails

The lights on the towel rail will be replaced with a light that comes from the ceiling, so you can look up and see the whole room. Some people think it’s easier to go to the bathroom when there are more than one light in their shower.

#10: Lighted Mirror Shades

Lighted mirror shades are becoming a popular bathroom update. They are easy to install and do not take up much space.



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