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In as little as a weekend, you can have brand new cabinets that will completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. With the help of AMD Remodeling, you can finally have the cabinets of your dreams.

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AMD Remodeling boasts a seasoned and exceptionally talented group of experts in cabinet work. They excel at revitalizing and enhancing cabinets effortlessly! They will carefully consider your individual preferences and desires, crafting cabinets that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. You have the freedom to select from a wide range of finishes, door designs, and hardware choices to craft the ideal cabinets for your residence. AMD Remodeling also offers a wide range of remodeling services, so you can be sure that your project will be done correct from start to finish.


Do your kitchen or bathroom cabinets appear worn-out and exhausted, longing for a complete transformation? AMD Remodeling is here to provide you with the expertise you need, right at your fingertips. We can assist you in discovering the ideal solution and color scheme for your space.

In a matter of just one weekend, you can enjoy brand new cabinets that will entirely revamp the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. Thanks to AMD Remodeling, you can now achieve the cabinets you’ve always desired.

AMD Remodeling stands as the top-tier remodeling contractor in North Texas. Our fully tailored designs, exceptional customer service, and remarkable craftsmanship establish us as the primary choice for all your home renovation requirements in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

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What is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing involves the process of restoring worn or damaged cabinet doors to their original or even improved condition. This can be achieved using various materials, such as acrylics, varnishes, and paints.

Refinishing your cabinets can be an excellent way to give your home a fresh and updated appearance. At AMD Remodeling, our experts employ the following steps for your cabinet refinishing project:

1. Begin by measuring the dimensions and shapes of your cabinet doors. This information helps determine the amount of material needed to cover each door, as well as their width and height.

2. Assist in selecting a cabinet refinishing product that aligns with your specific requirements. Acrylics are cost-effective and user-friendly but may have a shorter lifespan compared to pricier alternatives like varnishes and paints. While varnishes and paints offer enhanced durability and long-lasting results, they may necessitate more skill in application and potentially require special tools.

3. Apply the chosen product to the cabinet doors using either a brush or a sprayer, ensuring an even application across the entire surface.

4. Allow the product to thoroughly dry before proceeding to polish or complete the finishing touches. This step helps prevent any residual substance from smudging or peeling when you apply the final touches.

5. Apply your preferred polish to the cabinet doors and buff them with a soft cloth, achieving a glossy finish that makes them appear brand new.

    No.1 Best Home Cabinet Refinishing Texas - AMD Remodeling
    No.1 Best Home Cabinet Refinishing Texas - AMD Remodeling

    Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

    Cabinet refinishing provides numerous advantages for homeowners. The primary and most apparent advantage is the ability to rejuvenate the appearance of your cabinets, making them appear brand-new. Additionally, cabinet refinishing has the potential to enhance the overall usability of your cabinets by addressing any wear and tear that may have developed over time. It can also revitalize the color and finish of your cabinets, providing them with a more contemporary appearance. Lastly, cabinet refinishing serves as a protective measure, safeguarding your cabinets against potential future damage.

    Tips for Choosing a Cabinet Refinisher

    When it comes to revamping your cabinet doors, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, it’s crucial to select a licensed and insured refinisher. Secondly, ensure that the chosen refinisher has prior experience working on cabinets. Lastly, inquire about any specific requirements your cabinet doors might have, such as the type of finish they need.

    At AMD Remodeling, we embody all the qualities you seek in a proficient cabinet refinishing company. Our extensive industry experience and a team of highly skilled professionals are committed to delivering top-notch results. We exclusively utilize the finest materials and products, guaranteeing your cabinets will regain their pristine appearance.

    Here are some additional recommendations to bear in mind while refinishing your cabinet doors:

    1. Always employ a high-quality sealer during the cabinet door refinishing process to ensure a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish.
    2. Confirm that the refinisher uses the appropriate sandpaper type tailored to the finish you intend to apply. For instance, when working with a semi-gloss finish, use sandpaper specifically designed for semi-gloss finishes.
    3. Prior to refinishing the entire door, conduct a test on a small section. This practice helps ensure a smooth application of the refinish without any potential issues.

      Cabinet Remodeling Options

      When you’re prepared to update the hardware on your cabinets, you have several choices to consider. You can opt to paint or refinish the cabinets yourself, or you can hire a contractor to handle the job for you.

      Painting: Painting is a fast and straightforward method to refresh your cabinets. You’ll only need some paint and a paintbrush. You can use any type of paint, but we recommend using a high-quality paint specifically formulated for wooden surfaces.

      Refinishing: Refinishing is a more comprehensive process than painting, but it results in a more durable and professional appearance. Contractors typically offer two types of refinishing: topical and powder-coat. Topical refinishing involves applying a cream or liquid solution to seal the cabinet’s surface and conceal any imperfections. Powder-coat refinishing, on the other hand, employs a smooth and sturdy finish applied over the topical solution. Both options come in a range of colors and styles.

      If you’re considering any home remodeling, it’s essential to consult with a professional to achieve the best possible outcomes. AMD Remodeling boasts a team of experts ready to assist you with projects of any size. Whether you’re aiming to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home, we’re here to help you turn your vision into reality.

      Cabinet Refacing Techniques

      The cabinet refinishing industry is experiencing significant growth, and for good reason. Older cabinets can appear outdated and worn, while obtaining new ones can be quite costly. Nevertheless, there exist several cost-effective techniques you can employ to rejuvenate your cabinets. Currently, two of the more favored options are:

      1. Painting: The most commonly used method for cabinet refinishing is painting. You can opt to either paint the entire cabinet or just the areas in need of improvement, each with its own associated costs and advantages. Painted cabinets tend to be more budget-friendly than completely refinishing them, although they may not achieve the same level of visual appeal. If your cabinets require only minor repairs or updates, painted finishes are a sensible choice due to their affordability and ease of maintenance.

      2. Staining: Staining is another well-liked approach to cabinet refinishing. When using stain, you apply a layer of color to the existing wood surfaces, creating the impression of a fresh finish without the need for painting or sealing. Staining is pricier compared to painting, but it offers a more enduring solution; once applied, it cannot be altered. Staining is a popular choice in cabinet refinishing. By applying stain, you impart a new color layer to the existing wood surfaces, creating the appearance of a fresh finish without the necessity of painting or sealing. Although staining is more expensive than painting, it offers a long-lasting solution, as once applied, it cannot be changed.

      3. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: This process entails replacing the entire cabinet frame and doors with an identical design that accommodates your new appliances and kitchen storage requirements. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a more economical option compared to refinishing or repainting cabinets, but it does necessitate the purchase of new hardware beforehand.

      Looking to Refinish Your Cabinets? Call AMD Remodeling!

      Looking to give your cabinets a new lease on life? Call AMD Remodeling! With our extensive expertise in refurbishing both wooden and metal cabinets, you can trust that your kitchen will achieve its optimal appearance. Whether you require a straightforward refinishing job or something more intricate, we are at your service. When contemplating a home renovation, numerous factors demand consideration. You must determine the type of renovation you desire, your budgetary constraints, and your tolerance for disruptions during the construction process. However, once these decisions are made, the subsequent step is locating the suitable contractor for the task.

      This is where AMD Remodeling excels. We are a comprehensive home remodeling company capable of managing projects of all sizes. Our team comprises skilled designers and craftsmen who will collaborate closely with you to fashion the perfect space to suit your needs. As a local company, we are well-acquainted with the distinct challenges associated with renovating older residences. Therefore, regardless of the route you choose, it is advisable to seek consultation from AMD Remodeling to ensure the finest possible outcomes.

      Upon contacting us, we will visit your residence to measure your cabinets and furnish you with a price estimate. The cost of cabinet refinishing varies depending on the cabinet quantity and size, but our rates consistently remain competitive. We employ top-notch materials and finishes, ensuring the enduring beauty of your cabinets for years to come.

      If you’re ready to get started on your cabinet refurnishing project, give us a call today at 469-547-5887 for a free estimate. Our experienced remodeling contractors serve homeowners in DallasAddisonFriscoPlanoRichardson, Carrollton, AllenMurphy, and Wylie, TX.  We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a competitive quote.

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