Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas: Adding Personality to Your Space

Oct 19, 2023

Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas Adding Personality to Your Space

Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas: Adding Personality to Your Space

In the world of small-space living, it’s no secret that bathrooms often bear the brunt of spatial limitations. If you’ve ever found yourself yearning for extra storage or a touch of inspiration to spruce up your compact bathroom, you’re certainly not alone. Fear not, as we’re here to inspire you with a plethora of Apartment Therapy’s favorite redo bathroom ideas, meticulously curated to help you transform your small bathroom into an inviting and stylish sanctuary.



Storage & Organization: Maximizing Functionality


  1. Cut-out shelving: For those grappling with spatial constraints that make even navigation a challenge, consider the clever utilization of cut-out shelving. These shelves seamlessly nestle into alcoves, offering essential storage without obstructing valuable floor space.
  2. The Power of Picture Ledges: When you’re dealing with minimal surface space for storage, picture ledges can be your savior. Mount a floating picture ledge above your sink to neatly house cosmetics, perfume bottles, and other daily essentials.
  3. Embrace Built-in Storage: The space right next to your bathtub can be harnessed with two shelves for convenient storage of frequently used items, while the top surface serves as a canvas for showcasing decorative elements.
  4. Basket Organization: Decluttering your bathroom and maintaining a tidy appearance is made easier by employing baskets to group small items, creating a sense of order.
  5. Innovative Hanging Storage: To infuse creativity into your bathroom and keep your walls uncluttered, consider the installation of hanging baskets for shower storage.
  6. Wallpaper Wonders: When your small bathroom lacks the wall space for traditional art or decor, introduce vibrant wallpaper to infuse color, and character, and the possibility of wall-mounted storage.
  7. Elegant Floating Shelves: A well-paired set of wall-mounted shelves can ingeniously transform a cramped bathroom corner into a space-saving storage solution.
  8. The Toilet Tank Tray: Position a carefully placed tray atop your toilet tank for an additional storage opportunity, elevating both aesthetics and functionality.
  9. The Unconventional Towel Rack: Innovate by replacing the standard wall-mounted towel rack with a multifunctional leaning ladder, imparting both style and practicality.
  10. Sleek Floating Storage: Elevate your bathroom’s storage game with a sleek and slender hanging rail system, preserving precious sink space for your toiletries.
  11. Seating Solutions: A petite side chair in your bathroom not only provides a seating option but also surfaces for tub-side storage, adding an element of comfort and style.
  12. Geometric Storage Grace: The introduction of a shapely, wall-mounted storage unit, like a floating circular shelf, can infuse geometric flair into your small bathroom while offering a smart storage solution.
  13. Above-the-Tub Shelf: When you’re working with minimal storage space around your shower or bathtub, consider mounting a floating shelf or picture ledge above the tub to keep your shampoo, conditioner, and soap accessible.
  14. Low-Profile Excellence:  In scenarios where surface space around your pedestal sink is virtually nonexistent, the clever use of a petite, tiered side table can provide instant storage opportunities without compromising style, making it a brilliant addition to your redo bathroom ideas.



Flooring & Tile: Elevating Aesthetics


  1. Tiles of Transformation: Smaller square footage doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. By selecting striking tiles, such as those featured in this cozy Vermont getaway, you can invigorate your bathroom’s atmosphere while optimizing the use of limited space.
  2. Colorful Paint Palettes:  In the pursuit of captivating redo bathroom ideas, consider experimenting with bold paint colors on your bathroom walls. This can create an invigorating juxtaposition, as observed in a colorful New Orleans home.
  3. Mosaic Masterpiece: The inclusion of mosaic tiles on the walls surrounding your bathtub or shower can become a captivating artistic display in your small bathroom, reminiscent of Shana Cohen’s cozy Florida cottage.



Shower & Tub: Embracing Comfort and Style

Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas Adding Personality to Your Space

Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas: Adding Personality to Your Space

  1. Tub/Shower Combo Innovation:  Elevate your bathroom’s versatility with your redo bathroom ideas by considering a tub/shower combination. This allows you to choose between a luxurious shower or a relaxing bath within the same compact space.
  2. The Power of Complementary Colors: The strategic use of complementary colors in your bathroom, such as an orange shower curtain and blue walls, not only adds visual intrigue but also elongates the room, creating an illusion of spaciousness.
  3. The Hanging Plant: An extra-long hanging plant, like the wall-length heartleaf philodendron spotted in a Los Angeles bathroom, naturally draws the eye upward, making even the most cramped space seem larger than life.
  4. Shower Curtain Splash: A vibrant shower curtain can effortlessly inject personality and artistic flair into any space. In the realm of small redo bathroom ideas, decorative shower curtains can compensate for limited space.
  5. Shower Room Marvel: Even if your shower engulfs your entire bathroom, you can maximize the space, as beautifully exemplified by a gorgeous Swedish studio. A water-resistant bench can serve as a valuable addition to hold your belongings and towels.
  6. Seating in the Shower: Even the coziest bathrooms can offer a seat – and we all know where that seat is! If you’re seeking additional seating without compromising space, consider the addition of a small shower-side stool, as seen in an Austin, Texas home.
  7. Bold Shower Curtain: In compact bathrooms, don’t hesitate to make a bold statement with an attention-grabbing shower curtain, as showcased in a Washington, DC bathroom.



Sink & Cabinets: Functional and Stylish


  1. Colorful Cabinet Upgrade:  Inject a burst of color into your minimalist bathroom with your redo bathroom ideas by painting your sink cabinets in a vibrant hue, as demonstrated in a soothing Michigan kit home.
  2. The Micro Sink: Proven by a maximalist Philadelphia home, a micro sink doesn’t equate to micro style. Elevate the appearance with stately gold fixtures, making a statement even in the tiniest of powder rooms.
  3. Space-saving Wall-Mounted Sink: In a bathroom where floor space is at a premium, a sleek wall-mounted sink, coupled with an oversized hexagonal mirror, can provide a sense of spaciousness and functionality.
  4. Mounted Accessories: When every inch counts, make use of the available wall and ceiling space. Hanging objects from above, as demonstrated in an Ontario bathroom, provides creative storage options.
  5. Teeny Tiny Cabinetry: Embrace the concept that, when it comes to bathroom cabinets, smaller ones are often better. Reduced cabinet size not only minimizes clutter but also encourages keeping only the essentials within reach.
  6. Built-ins for Compact Spaces: In the tiniest of bathrooms, built-in cabinets are essential to save wall space. A white built-in cabinet adds a sleek touch without overwhelming the compact space, as seen in an Airstream trailer.
  7. Under-Sink Storage Utilization: The choice of a floating vanity need not sacrifice storage space underneath. Oversized jute baskets, as exhibited in a rustic Italian countryside home, provide ample room for storage.
  8. Plant-Adorned Pipes: A strategically placed plant can divert attention from unsightly pipes or uninteresting cupboards, as demonstrated by California renters in their baths.



Small Bathroom Design Ideas: Elevate the Ambiance


  1. Texture Play: Borrow a page from a Santa Barbara home by introducing boho flair into your small bathroom. Mixing textures and textiles, such as a woven rug, linen shower curtain, and rattan baskets, adds character.
  2. Mirror Upgrade: Elevate your bathroom’s elegance by swapping out your existing mirror for a more sophisticated one.
  3. Mirrored Illusion: In a small bathroom, an oversized mirror, like the round one spotted in a Michigan home, reflects light and creates an illusion of more space.
  4. Simplicity Reigns: Compact bathrooms, such as those in tiny homes, can exude a sense of spaciousness by keeping decor minimal. Prioritize your favorite plant or candle, allowing the space to breathe.
  5. Gallery Wall Extravaganza: A pair of gallery walls adorned with eclectic artwork infuses color and personality into a small bathroom, transforming it without requiring precious floor space.
  6. Wreath Adornment: In cases where traditional house plants are impractical, consider adorning your bathroom with a decorative wreath, as demonstrated in a Michigan farmhouse.
  7. Sconces Illuminate: Illuminate your bathroom and free up sink space with swingarm sconces, an ideal small bathroom idea to add accent lighting without sacrificing surface area.
  8. Mirror Magic: In a dramatic Brooklyn brownstone, twin mirrors add a touch of grandeur to a small bathroom, showcasing the beauty of simplicity.
  9. Chalkboard Charm: Inject artistry into your small bathroom by coating a wall with chalkboard paint, allowing for an interactive and entertaining element while in the bathroom.
  10. Trimmed Elegance: Create a pop of contrast by painting your baseboards and door trim in a vibrant hue, as beautifully executed in a Kansas City home.
  11. Awkward Space Transformation: When confronted with challenging bathroom layouts, playful wallpaper can transform the space, as seen in an enchanting house in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  12. Green Influence: Bring the outdoors inside by placing lush houseplants in your small bathroom. These green companions not only energize the space but also purify the air, as witnessed in an Albuquerque, New Mexico home.
  13. Shower Plant Companions: If shelf space is scarce, and the floor is occupied, consider keeping some houseplants in the shower. Learn from the owners of a stunning Montreal home who effortlessly incorporate greenery into their bathroom decor.
  14. Embrace the Extraordinary: A floor-to-ceiling gallery wall in a compact bathroom can introduce a maximalist aesthetic, as brilliantly exemplified in a colorful Los Angeles home.
  15. Textured Wall Drama: Chevron-style marble walls, reminiscent of Brian Mitchell and Ericka James’ San Francisco home, introduce texture and movement without claiming floor space.
  16. Create Contrast: Clean-lined black accents against earth-toned backgrounds can create depth and contrast, breathing life into small bathrooms, as seen in a modern San Francisco home.
  17. Overhead Elegance: Swap your standard flush mount for a captivating pendant light to instantly upgrade your small bathroom’s ambiance, as witnessed in a San Francisco remodel.
  18. Palettetal Harmony: If you prefer a subdued color scheme, consider the sophistication of a two-color palette, like the black and white theme showcased in a stylish New York apartment.
  19. Maximalist Gallery Walls: Don’t shy away from maximalism, even in small bathrooms. Install floor-to-ceiling gallery displays on every wall for a striking, impactful aesthetic, as seen in an eclectic Nashville home.
  20. Embrace the Woodsy Aesthetic: Wood-paneled walls can evoke an inviting outdoorsy atmosphere in your tiny bathroom, as exemplified in an inspiring Austin, Texas bungalow.
  21. Flower Power: In the bathroom of a Highland Park, California home, a captivating shower curtain serves as a vibrant centerpiece in a tiny, white-tiled space.
  22. Botanical Elegance: When space prohibits houseplants, vibrant leaf-patterned wallpaper can introduce a touch of nature into your bathroom, as showcased in a lush Beverly Hills home.
  23. Shower-Side Plant Haven: For plant lovers facing storage constraints, don’t hesitate to bring your green friends into the shower. Some plants thrive in this humid environment, offering a unique touch to your bathroom decor.
  24. Extraordinary Gallery Wall: A floor-to-ceiling gallery wall can transform a compact bathroom into a maximalist masterpiece, standing out against a vibrant green backdrop, as witnessed in a colorful Los Angeles home.
  25. Texture-Infused Walls: Chevron-style marble walls in Brian Mitchell and Ericka James’ San Francisco home bring depth and movement to a tiny bathroom, creating an eye-catching focal point.
  26. Contrasting Elements: Clean-lined black accents against earth-toned backgrounds can create depth and contrast, breathing life into small bathrooms, as seen in a modern San Francisco home.
  27. Go Big or Go Home:  Don’t let limited square footage deter you from designing your dream bathroom with your redo bathroom ideas. By adorning your walls with bold colors and incorporating statement pieces like an overhead pendant light and lush greenery, you can demonstrate that style triumphs oversize.


Elevate Your Bathroom Space with AMD Remodeling – Redo Bathroom Ideas

Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas Adding Personality to Your Space

Colorful Redo Bathroom Ideas: Adding Personality to Your Space

When you’re ready to turn these redo bathroom ideas into reality, AMD Remodeling is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in transforming your bathroom into a personalized oasis, embracing your unique style and preferences, all while providing transparent insights into the shower remodel cost.

Contact us today at (469) 547-5887 for a consultation and discover how we can enhance your bathroom space, incorporating your redo bathroom ideas and making it a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Elevate your bathroom to new heights of style, functionality, and comfort with AMD Remodeling. Let’s turn your vision into reality starting today!


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