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Your house deserves the best and you deserve the best. At AMD Remodeling, we offer high quality home remodeling services like kitchen remodeling Murphy TX that will transform your house into a home. We know that when it comes to your home, you want the transformation to be an experience, not just a project where contractors come in and out of your space in a matter of hours. That’s why we take care of everything!

No.1 Best Home Kitchen Remodeling Murphy TX - AMD Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Murphy TX

Home Remodeling

Using a residential cleaning service offers several advantages. Initially, it grants you more free time to dedicate to other tasks. Secondly, it guarantees your home maintains a consistently clean and attractive appearance. Thirdly, it has the potential to be cost-effective over time by extending the lifespan of your carpets and furniture. Ultimately, it provides peace of mind, knowing that your home is receiving professional cleaning care.

Interior Paint

If you’re thinking about home renovation like bathroom, cabinet, or kitchen remodeling Murphy TX, you should prioritize interior painting! Applying a fresh coat of paint not only gives your home a completely new appearance but also serves as a safeguard for your property investment. Whether you’re considering selling your home in the near future or simply aiming to enhance its appearance for your own enjoyment, interior painting is a wise decision.

When it comes to selecting paint colors, the options are limitless. However, if you’re uncertain about where to begin, the professional painters and designers at AMD Remodeling are available to assist you! We can help you streamline your choices and discover the ideal color for your living space.

Kitchen Remodeling Murphy TX

When you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, it’s crucial to get in touch with the skilled and trustworthy professionals over at AMD Remodeling. Located in Murphy, TX, we stand out as the premier choice for all your needs in kitchen remodeling Murphy TX.

Our expert team will provide you with a comprehensive estimate to ensure you have a clear understanding of your budget and the entire remodeling process. We’ll collaborate closely with you to devise a customized plan for your kitchen renovation, considering both your budget constraints and the available space. Additionally, we’ll assist you in selecting the materials to be used in crafting your new kitchen.

Once the project is finished, you’ll be left with a stunning new kitchen that you and your family can savor for many years to come.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation in Murphy, TX, you’re in good company. A bathroom remodel ranks among the most sought-after home improvement projects, and it’s easy to see why. Not only can it enhance your home’s value, but it can also increase its comfort and functionality.

When it comes to planning a bathroom remodel like kitchen remodeling Murphy TX, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, you’ll need to determine the extent of the renovation you have in mind. Are you envisioning a complete overhaul, or are you aiming for more modest adjustments? Once you’ve settled on the project’s scope, it’s time to start working on your budget.

Even if you’re dealing with limited financial resources, there are still numerous cost-effective ways to give your bathroom a fresh look. Upgrading fixtures, applying a new coat of paint, and replacing the flooring can all yield significant improvements without straining your finances. If your budget allows for a bit more flexibility, you might explore options like adding new tiles, countertops, or even expanding the space.

Regardless of the specific bathroom remodel you’re considering, the crucial step is to enlist the expertise of our qualified craftsmen at AMD Remodeling. With an array of exceptional remodeling products available, the potential for transformation is virtually limitless!

Exterior Paint

It’s widely known that applying a fresh coat of paint can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your home. However, when it comes to exterior painting, there are some key considerations to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Firstly, we assist you in selecting a paint specifically formulated for outdoor use. This choice guarantees the paint’s durability against various weather conditions and ensures optimal coverage.

Next, we dedicate time to prepare your surfaces before the actual painting process. This involves addressing any cracks or holes in the siding and trimming overgrown vegetation. These measures ensure that your paint job not only looks its finest but also has a longer lifespan.

Lastly, we take precautions to shield your other surfaces during the painting process. We use tarps or drop cloths to cover outdoor furniture or decorations, preventing any accidental paint splatters. Additionally, we remove hardware like door handles or light fixtures before commencing to avoid any paint mishaps. 

No.1 Best Home Kitchen Renovation Murphy TX - AMD Remodeling


AMD Remodeling – Home, Bathroom, Cabinet, and Kitchen Remodeling Murphy TX

If you’re thinking about renovating your home in Murphy, TX, make sure to consider AMD Remodeling. They provide top-notch services at competitive rates and have an excellent reputation in the local community.


When it comes to home remodeling like kitchen remodeling Murphy TX, AMD Remodeling is the go-to choice. We are a comprehensive remodeling company capable of handling projects of all sizes, whether it’s a small kitchen upgrade or a complete home transformation.

Regardless of your vision for your home, we are here to bring it to life. We will collaborate with you throughout the entire process to ensure your project stays on schedule and within budget. Our commitment to using premium materials and skilled craftsmanship guarantees that your remodel will endure the test of time.

If you want to update your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your house, AMD Remodeling has a wide range of services for home, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling Murphy TX, from minor cosmetic enhancements to full-scale renovations. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure your dream for your home becomes a reality.

Ready to commence work on your dream home? Contact us today at (469) 547-5887 to arrange a consultation. We’re eager to address any inquiries you may have and help you take the first steps toward realizing your vision.