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Home Remodeling in Arlington TX, AMD Remodeling

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Are you considering giving your residence a fresh look with home remodeling in Arlington TX? We’ve got you covered with AMD Remodeling! We are here to help bring your renovation aspirations happen. Whether it’s updating your kitchen, revamping your bathroom, or adding a new coat of paint to your living space, we’ve got the skills and expertise to get the job done right. 

Home Remodeling in Arlington TX, AMD Remodeling

Residential Services 

At AMD Remodeling, we understand the value of having a home that feels just right. That’s why we offer a range of services for home remodeling in Arlington TX: 

Bathroom Remodeling 

Let us remake your bathroom into a serene oasis with our expert remodeling services. From new tiles to modern fixtures, we’ll create a space you’ll love to relax in. 

Kitchen Remodeling 

Make your kitchen the heart of your home with our custom designs and layouts. Whether you dream of a modern kitchen or a cozy farmhouse-style space, we’ll bring your vision to life. 

Shower Remodeling 

Say goodbye to that old, outdated shower and hello to a luxurious new one. Our remodeling experts will upgrade your shower to give you a refreshing start to your day. 

Cabinet Refinishing 

Don’t replace your cabinets—refinish them! Our refinishing solutions will give your cabinets a fresh new look, saving you time and money. 

Home Painting 

Give your home a whole new look with a fresh coat of paint. Our professional painting services will breathe new life into your living space, inside and out. 

Home Remodeling in Arlington TX, AMD Remodeling

Commercial Services 

Besides working on home remodeling in Arlington TX, we’re also great at sprucing up commercial spaces. Here’s what we offer to make your business space shine: 

Design and Planning 

Work closely with us to plan how you want your commercial space to look and function. We will ensure it meets your business needs. 

Demolition and Disposal 

If old structures are in your way, we’ll safely remove them and dispose of them properly. That way, we can make room for your new renovations without hassle. 

Carpentry and Framing 

Our skilled craftsmen will build strong frameworks for your commercial areas. This ensures that everything we create lasts a long time and stays sturdy. 

Electrical Work 

We’ll take care of all the electrical work for you, ensuring that your commercial property is safe and running efficiently. 


Our experienced plumbers will handle all your commercial space plumbing needs. They’ll fix leaks, install new fixtures, and more with precision. 


With our reliable HVAC solutions, keep your commercial space comfy all year round. We’ll make sure your heating and cooling systems work perfectly so everyone stays happy. 


Choose from a variety of flooring options to make your commercial space look great and work well for your business. We’ll install it with care and attention to detail. 

Painting and Decorating 

Let us transform the look and feel of your commercial property with our expert painting and decorating services. We’ll create a welcoming and professional atmosphere that suits your business perfectly. 

Window and Door Replacement 

Upgrade your commercial building’s windows and doors to improve energy efficiency and security. We’ll install high-quality replacements that give you peace of mind. 

Roofing and Waterproofing 

Keep your commercial property safe from the elements with our roofing and waterproofing solutions. We’ll make sure your roof is strong and your building stays dry, no matter what the weather brings. 

With our commercial and home remodeling in Arlington TX, your space will look better than ever, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s in good hands. Let’s work together to make your residential and commercial property the best. 

What Makes AMD Remodeling Stand Out for Home Remodeling in Arlington TX 

When you choose AMD Remodeling for your home remodeling in Arlington TX, you’re choosing a team that’s committed to excellence. Here’s why we’re the right choice for your project: 

Experience and Expertise 

With years of industry experience, we have the expertise and skills to provide excellent outcomes. 

Tailored Solutions 

We understand that every home is unique, so we offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. 

Transparent Pricing 

We believe in honesty and transparency, which is why we provide transparent, upfront pricing for all of our services. 

Local Service 

As a local company, we’re proud to serve the Arlington community. We understand the local market and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our neighbors. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’ll work closely with you throughout the remodeling process to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. 

Home Remodeling in Arlington TX, AMD Remodeling

Choose AMD For Your Home Remodeling in Arlington TX 

At AMD Remodeling, we’re more than just a remodeling company—we’re your partners in creating a home you’ll love for years. Let’s collaborate and watch as your dream home becomes a beautiful reality. 

Ready to start your home remodeling in Arlington TX? Call us (469) 547-5887 to schedule a consultation.