Top 10 Home Remodeling Trends To Watch

Jun 28, 2022

The top 10 home remodeling trends to watch this year will make the process of updating your home or getting into the real estate market easier for you. From adding an outdoor living space on your roof, to installing a wireless hotspot, these are some of the hottest home remodeling trends to keep an eye out for.

10 Best Home Remodeling Trends To Watch - AMD Remodeling


Top 10 Home Remodeling Trends To Watch

1. Eco-friendly Home Remodeling
2. Sustainable Home Remodeling
3. Modern Home Remodeling
4. Contemporary Home Remodeling
5. Minimalist Home Remodeling
6. Fabulous Home Remodeling
7. Luxurious Home Remodeling
8. Eclectic Home Remodeling
9. Bold Home Remodeling
10. Customizable Home Remodeling


Pros and Cons of a Home Renovation

Renovating your home can be a great way to update your look and feel, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start. Here are the pros and cons of home renovations.


Renovations can be a great way to update your look and feel. You can get everything from a simple renovation to a full-blown remodel.

Remodeling can also be a good way to save money. You can often get better deals on renovation services than you can on new construction.

Renovations can also be a great way to use your home’s existing features. For example, if you have an extra room that you don’t use, you can turn it into a bedroom or kitchenette with a renovation. This is sometimes called “bundling” the rooms together.


Renovations can be expensive. It may cost more to renovate your home than it would to buy a new one. And if the renovation isn’t done correctly, it could lead to extensive damage or even structural failure.

Renovations can also be disruptive. They may require you to move out of your home for an extended period of time.


Benefits of Home Remodeling

One of the many benefits of home remodeling is that it can help to improve the overall look and feel of your home. It can also make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Here are some top remodeling trends to watch in 2018:

1. Bold Colors and Patterning: A trend that is getting more and more attention is bold colors and patterning. This can be achieved through wallpaper, paint, fabrics, and accessories. It is important to note that this trend should be used in moderation as it can be very loud and busy.

2. Natural Materials: Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is using natural materials in your home. This can include using natural woods in flooring, walls, and ceilings, using organic materials for furniture, and using eco-friendly cleaning products.

3. Curated Interiors: Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is curated interiors. This means designing your own interior rather than relying on someone else’s idea of what a “perfect” home looks like. This can be done through online resources or by hiring a professional designer.

4. Increased Use of Glass: One of the latest trends in home remodeling is the increased use of glass . Glass is a great addition to any home because it can really bring light into spaces and add a sense of drama. It can also be used as a form of insulation, which makes it an ideal choice for homes that may be particularly cold in the winter.

5. Geothermal HVAC: Another increasingly popular trend in home remodeling is geothermal energy. This means installing a geothermal heating and cooling system for your home rather than traditional systems such as ducts and air conditioning units. Geothermal systems use ground energy to heat or cool the indoors, making them very cost-effective.

6. High-Tech Appliances: The latest appliances tend to be high-tech appliances such as smartphones, tablets, and computers that have connected features built-in.

7. Sustainability: A growing trend in home remodeling is for homeowners to take a more environmentally friendly approach to their homes by retrofitting them to be more energy-efficient, including solar paneling, insulating their homes, and more.

8. Green Home Plumbing: Many homeowners are choosing to reach out to a plumber who specializes in green plumbing services, which can include installing toilets that have waterless features, or high-efficiency shower heads that save water.

9. Green Energy: Even if you don’t have any plans on implementing a solar energy system, many home remodeling projects are now incorporating new energy management technologies like smart thermostats that automatically adjust your household temperature based on the weather so you don’t need to waste energy heating or cooling your house for no reason.

10. Green Home Inspections: A green home inspection can give you valuable information about the condition of your existing and future projects, as well as the overall energy efficiency of your home.


Examples of Current Home Remodeling Trends Design

There are a number of popular home remodeling trends that you may want to watch for in the next few years. Some of the most popular trends include:

1. Contemporary Style – This style is characterized by sleek lines and bright colors. It is popular for homes that are modern and upscale, and can be used in any style of home.

2. Coastal Chic – This trend is inspired by coastal towns and features bright, colorful stripes and patterns on walls, ceilings, and flooring. It is perfect for homes that are coastal or beachfront themed.

3. Craftsman Style – This design features distressed details and natural materials such as wood and stone. It is ideal for homes that are older or have a rustic feel, and can be used in any style of home.

4. Mid-Century Modern – This design is based on 1950s designs but with updated materials and details. It is popular for homes that are modern but not too trendy, and can be used in any style of home.

5. Farmhouse Style – This design features classic elements such as logs and wide expanses of windows. It is perfect for homes that are country or mountain themed, and can be used in any style of house.


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