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If you are a homeowner, try closing your eyes and imagine what it feels like to have a brand-new remodeled shower that features clean, flawless shower heads and bright, gleaming wall tiles. Our professionals from AMD Remodeling can help you make this dream a reality. 

Shower Remodeling

There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a house painting project. Most DFW homeowners get their houses repainted because the previous paint job gets more and more damaged with time, which results in moisture.

This moisture can be disastrous since it can cause your paint to crack. But that’s not all.

In order to help you better understand why you should invest in a painting project, our professionals from AMD Remodeling have mentioned a few reasons below.

We all know how much pain a non-functional shower causes to your day-to-day routine. With the help of professionals from AMD Remodeling in Wylie, TX, you can be sure to turn your shower experience around successfully. 

Need some inspiration? Our experts have taken their time to write down some features that you should consider while getting your shower remodeled. 

Tying your shower and tub together 

If you have two different services – a shower and a full-size tub – you are at risk of visual chaos in the same room. To help you understand better, your shower tile surroundings may clash with a smooth acrylic bathtub. 

Our experts suggest that you should try matching your materials in order to avoid this mess. Using the same materials like a natural stone for both your shower and your tubs surrounding will help you tie these two facilities together beautifully. 

Build-in niches for more storage 

You may already be aware of the fact that you must have a shelf in your shower to help you store your soaps, conditioners, shampoos, scrubbers, and other bathing accessories. The more storage you have, the better it always is. 

You can choose to install shelves by hanging them straight onto the walls in case of existing showers. If you are someone who is remodeling their shower, you can choose to get a better wall niche. 

Getting some involved storage can help provide plenty of room for all those tubes and bottles. This will not only make room for your essentials but will also help in making your shower look tidy and clean. 

Updating your tiles 

Changing the color and texture of your tiles can drastically change the look and feel of your shower. You will adore your remodeled shower even more, when you surprise it with colors and work in contrast with your overall theme and style. 

The tolerance for error should always be nil with shower tiles, as even a small seam or crack can allow water to damage your home’s underlying structure. 

Waterproofing your shower 

Keeping the water in your shower away from sub roofing is a significant issue when it comes to any shower remodeling. This can be made easy if you choose to go with a waterproofing membrane. 

A waterproofing membrane is a critical layer that offers protection to your cement board. It not only stops water from passing through the sub-roof but will also resist damage from any moisture or water that seeps through the tiles.  

This small investment can save you a lot of dollars in future repairs. 

Maximize the use of natural light. 

Having more natural light in your shower is a feature that can significantly affect your overall shower vibe. Having too much artificial lighting can have a harmful effect on the appearance of your shower.  

Taking maximum advantage of natural light can help you perform all your morning grooming tasks like putting on makeup, shaving, or styling your hair without turning the lights on. 

Besides saving you money on electricity bills, natural light also has a softening effect, making it easier on your eyes compared to artificial lighting. 

Light fixtures 

With changing times, technology has also made advancements to make your experience better in every sense. You can choose to get sensor lights which automatically turn on when you enter the shower and turn off when you exit. 

This will make your life comfortable and save a lot of electricity since you can no longer forget to turn the lights off.  

Having the right type of light fixtures in your shower can help you create a different feel altogether. It would be best if you also considered getting vanity lights placed on the side of the mirror. Having your lights right next to your face will help you do your daily grooming tasks more efficiently.

Round out your shower 

If you have limited space, it would be best if you add a corner shower. Moreover, if you have a super tight space, you could still choose to add a quarter-round corner shower with a sliding door. 

Corner showers that are round enclosures come with many innovative features. Instead of swinging outwards, doors on a rounded corner shower slide on tracks. This creates more room since the door is not an obstruction anymore. 

Get the bathroom of your dreams today. 

Remodeling your bathroom can be a perfect way for you to give one of the most traffic rooms in your Wiley home an updated and fresher look.  

A remodeling project can also help you increase the space’s functionality, which, if done correctly, can add value to your home. A well-executed remodeling project can give you up to 90% return on your investment if you decide to sell your home in the future. 

With AMD Remodeling by your side, you can be sure that your project will come out looking exactly how you imagined. Whether you want a simple service level remodeling or a total shower remodeling, our professionals are more than qualified to get the job done with perfection. 

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