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Exterior Painting Services In Wylie

Exterior home painting projects are a huge deal. Your friends and family can only see your DFW home’s interior when you invite them in, whereas the outside of your home can be seen, noticed, and judged by anybody and everybody.

All homeowners want to leave an impressive first impression on people. No one wants to be “that house” on a street of beautifully painted exteriors and well-manicured lawns.

A house painting project, be it exterior or interior, needs some time to prep. Once you have chosen what paint color fits your needs the best, you would want to make sure that your project gets executed smoothly. 


A professional home remodeling company like AMD Remodeling will follow specific steps to ensure that your exterior painting project is done in a professional and timely manner that gives you the best-in-class results for your Wylie, TX home.

Our company has been serving homeowners in the Wylie area for the past 25 years. Providing class apart designs and assured quality work, our company has been at the forefront of all home improvement projects.


Even if your home looks clean from the outside to you, our professionals will take time to pressure wash the surface that you want to get painted properly. Painting over any dirty surface will leave your exterior home looking rough and dirty.

All your surfaces will need to dry before the paint is applied for the best results properly.

Preparing other surfaces

Suppose our professional exterior painting team is painting your wooden trim or any other area that has been painted before. In that case, these surfaces will also require some amount of preparation for the upcoming project.

Our experts will make sure to scrape away any flaky or loose paint from the surfaces and then sand down those areas to make sure that your new paint color is applied smoothly.

Watching the weather

Weather can very well be the most unpredictable part of your project. If your painting project involves latex paint, weather that is too hot or too cold can keep your color from adhering to the surface or compromise your product’s durability.

Heavy dew or moisture from rain can also negatively affect your exterior painting project, so you need a few good days of weather to let your professional painters get to work.

Use a primer

Though it may seem like a useless step, using a primer will help you prepare your exterior surface for the paint color that you have chosen for your project.

It will give you a smoother project and allow your painters to avoid using more than two coats of color.

Choosing the right color

It may seem obvious but choosing the perfect color for your exterior paint job is a huge deal. Just like we mentioned earlier, anybody and everybody fancies the outside of your house, so like most homeowners, you would too want it to say all the right things about you.

If you want, you could drive around your neighborhood to see which color attracts you the most. Buy some similar samples and try them out on your home’s exterior surface to check how it reacts to light at different times of the day.

AMD Remodeling offers you a proper painting consultation session with a color professional. When choosing your exterior paint color, a professional opinion could take you a long way.

You get exactly what you pay for with quality work

The painters at AMD Remodeling will not only have all the best equipment required to get the job done correctly, but they also know professional techniques that give you a detailed and precise outcome.

Specific equipment and tools are needed for a good quality paint job, including the type of paint used for the project. Like we mentioned earlier, our professionals know exactly what kind of paint suits you best for your exterior painting project.

Getting your exterior painted by AMD Remodeling professionals will ensure that your paint finish lasts for years to come.

Timely completion of your project

Something or the other always seems to come up when you have to get something done. If you plan on working on your exterior painting project yourself, you may not be as efficient as a professional.

Working with AMD Remodeling will make sure that your exterior painting project sticks to a timeline. There is no procrastination with professionals, and they will get the job done correctly and in a timely manner.

When working on your painting project, our professionals will ensure that they do not interfere with your day-to-day life and always clean up after your project is done. We will also properly dispose of any waste material.

Our team will take away all your stress for preparing and cleaning up after a painting project.

We can help you stick to your budget.

It is not hard for homeowners to go off budget while working on an exterior painting project themselves.

The beauty of working with a professional painting company is that we will work with you to set a budget and help you stick to it.

Latest trends and attention to detail

At AMD Remodeling, we are aware of all the latest trends and colors in the home painting segment, so we always have adequate recommendations if needed.

We are also aware of the best primers available in the market that help your paint last longer than expected. We will address all decaying areas during our project and fix any structural defects that you may have on your exterior surface.

This will help you protect the foundation of your home from moisture and water, which could cause mold.

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