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Bathroom Remodeling Services In Wylie

Even a minor bathroom renovation appropriately done can increase the value of your home.

A remodeling project is an opportunity for you to make your bathroom more appealing and a place where you and your family could freshen up at the end of your day. Our professionals working at AMD Remodeling, Wylie, Texas, will help you figure out what to consider while planning a bathroom remodeling project. 

We are the leading provider of interior renovation services serving in Wylie. The team of remodeling experts at AMD Remodeling has enough experience and information to help you solve any remodeling problems you might have.


Understanding what kind of bathroom you’re working with should help you plan out your project. A half bath or a powder room usually includes a toilet and a sink; this makes it comparatively easier to remodel. When it comes to full bathrooms, there’s ideally a toilet, sink, vanity, and a shower or tub.

This is the bathroom you use on a daily basis. In case your house has two full bathrooms, one can be designed as the master bathroom, whereas the second can be used as a guest washroom. A guest bathroom is also a full-service bathroom but with slightly more economic fixtures.

Homeowners often do this simply because a guest bathroom is rarely ever used.

Grout color 

Tiling most or all of your wall gives your bathroom a nice and polished look. White ceramic tiles are your best option since they come at an affordable price, and the finished look, if executed properly, could be surprising.

You can make your installation stand out by just changing the color, depending on the contrast. For example, in the bathroom shower, you could use grey or black colored grout. It will help in adding a little personality and character to your bathroom.

Who will use the bathroom?

The next crucial thing you need to consider when planning a remodeling project is who will use the space. If you wish, you could consult an expert who will help you determine what renovations your current bathroom needs.

At AMD Remodeling, we help people remodel their bathrooms according to their preferences, needs, style, and wants. It does not matter what size your bathroom is; if you need remodeling, we’re here to help.

If you are planning on changing your master bathroom, you should consider investing in more storage and better-quality materials. It would be best if you went for materials that are long-lasting since you are going to use this room multiple times a day for years to come.

If it’s a bathroom that will be used by kids, a bathtub, durable fixtures, and waterproof floors and walls are essential. You can also consider getting a decorative sink for your powder room.

Other than economical fixtures, a guest bathroom won’t be needing much storage. If you are remodeling a bathroom for a specially-abled or an elderly family member, you may need to add a few extra features such as grab bars, lower counters, non slip flooring, and a walk-in bathtub.

Are you looking for luxury on a tight budget?  

If you want to add some luxury to your bathroom but are worried about overshooting your budget, there are ways to get a high-end look that does not come with a hefty price tag. Given below are a few tricks that might help you achieve this goal of yours.

Use of larger format tiles 

Another thing that you can do to make your bathroom stand out from the rest of your house is by using different tiles’ dimensions. Rather than using the typical 3-inch by 6-inch format, you could search for sizes like 2 by 9 inches or even 4 by 8 inches.

This will give a different look after application.

Tile rug 

The one place where most designers will ask you to splurge on in a renovation or remodeling project is usually the floor. The floor has the most significant impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Instead of laying a pricey stone all around the floor, you could save money by designing a rug just a few square feet of an eye-catching design and using field tiles in a coordinating pattern around it.

Custom vanity 

In case you don’t have enough funds to spend on changing your vanity, don’t panic. Even a simple model can give you a one-of-a-kind look with some pretty hardware. Ask our professionals to find you something that matches your current vanity.

Go for something that looks vintage or find unique hardware.

Consider Chrome 

It could get a little tricky when deciding on what finishing to pick for all your plumbing fixtures. The market is full of options such as bronze, nickel, brass, and much more.

Chrome is usually the least expensive of them all, and on the plus side, it is also the easiest to maintain and keep clean. Chrome fixtures can look great in both traditional and modern spaces, making it an all-rounder budget option for you.

Replacing old undamaged fixtures with water-efficient ones will save you money on regular maintenance and help you save on utility costs.


There are many more such tips and tricks that our professionals from AMD Remodeling possess. Let us help you create an efficient, appealing, and functional bathroom for you and your family. We are one of the leading providers of bathroom remodeling in Wylie, TX.

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