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If you are a Plano homeowner looking to get your shower remodeled, you have to make a few critical choices to get the most out of your project.

Most people can’t decide if they should take a do-it-yourself route to cut costs or hire a professional remodeler to ensure that their project is done right.

Unless you are a professional remodeler yourself, our experts from AMD Remodeling Plano, TX, suggest that you should always hire a professional to get the most out of your project.

Our experts have enough experience to help you get the most out of your shower remodeling project in no time.

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While most people look at hiring a professional as an added expense, you need to understand that doing this can help you save a lot of dollars. Our professionals will help you make all the right decisions to save money in terms of over-the-top expenses and future repairs. 

There are specific areas of your project that require a professional, along with other parts that are dangerous for a DIY enthusiast to attempt on their own. 


There is no shortcut to real expertise. Even if you choose to review the wide variety of remodeling guides and how-to videos online, an average homeowner does not have the training, experience, or skills of a professional remodeler.

One significant risk associated with DIY remodeling is that you may be choosing to get the project done by yourself without any hands-on experience. This could lead to various issues.

Structural changes

Any alteration to your shower layout structure – including changing the location of your shower head, light fixtures, bathtub, or faucets – should be handled by a professional who has experience.

An expert will start by advising you on how feasible such changes are. Even if you plan on moving things around and changing the entire structure of your shower, it may be possible technically, but the project can end up costing more than your budget.

Making structural changes is one of the most expensive components of a shower remodeling project. Most structural changes to a shower require a lot of additional work, like changing the layout of pipes and electrical wires to fit the new plan.

It’s best if you leave these tasks to a professional rather than doing it yourself.


Other than structural changes, electrical work, and plumbing alteration, a professional from AMD Remodeling can help you fix other areas of your shower as well. These include:

  • sloping your shower drain
  • installing an additional vanity
  • adding wall tiles
  • installing faucets and fixtures
  • laying floor tile

Just like with electrical and plumbing work, every aspect of your shower remodeling project requires accurate measurements and incredible precision. Even being slightly off a fraction of a degree can be disastrous.

This could lead to a significant rework, which will add to the overall remodeling cost. Incorrect measurements can lead to a shower remodeling that looks unprofessional and shoddy. A lack of precision can cause many serious issues, like a shower that floods or a bathtub with leaking, improperly fitted pipes.

Pipes and plumbing

With a major change comes installation or moving pipes. It’s best if you leave this to someone who has experience in handling plumbing work. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional for pipes and plumbing:

Avoiding mistakes: in any situation said you have to redo your piping work, there is a risk that something may go wrong, which could lead to a hidden leak down the road. A professional will certainly know how to avoid making these mistakes.

Lower project costs: as mentioned earlier, moving pipes can shoot up the value of your shower remodeling project. An experienced professional remodeler can advise you if moving the pipes is necessary, even before they start working on your project.

Diagnosing issues: while undergoing a shower remodeling project, it is not out of the ordinary to find any preexisting water damage around the pipes, especially for older houses. A remodeling professional can make sure that these repairs are taken care of before the project is completed.

Electrical work

Other than your kitchen, your shower is the only place in your home where both electricity and water come into close proximity. Doing all the electrical wiring of your shower on your own not only requires skill but can also be extremely dangerous.

There are many reasons why people advise DFW homeowners not to do such dangerous tasks by themselves if they don’t have any experience. A few of those reasons are:

  • electrocution at the time of installation
  • risk of electrocution in the future
  • home fire started by ungrounded wiring or faulty work

You need a licensed electrician to complete any rewiring work and ensure that the project is safe for future use.

Why should you choose AMD Remodeling?

A shower remodeling professional from AMD Remodeling will have all the right tools and experience needed to get the job done. Moreover, we have something that many DIY remodelers do not possess: time.

Often, measurement mistakes occur because you, as a homeowner, are trying to rush the remodeling project in the evening after a long day at work. Since the project is not your only focus, you may make some mistakes due to divided attention.

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