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Every homeowner wants to keep their house in the best possible condition, both in form and function. You must take care of every single room in your home to maximize your house’s potential.

No one should neglect any part of their house, even the bathroom, often referred to as the lesser room. If you have been staying in a home for an extended period, you should probably take a look at your bathroom.

You will find that it already needs proper remodeling.

Whenever you realize that it’s time to update your bathroom, you need to get in touch with AMD Remodeling, Plano, as soon as possible.

But in case you’re having trouble deciding whether you should get a bathroom remodeling done or not, this is the perfect place for you.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone who goes and hires a bathroom remodeling service like ours later realizes that many advantages come with this project. 

Our professionals at AMD Remodeling have taken their time out to help you better understand the very many benefits you get from a properly executed bathroom remodeling project.

It’s always the right decision to get your bathroom remodeled every five years. It will make sure that your bathroom feels and looks super impressive. But keep in mind, a bathroom remodeling project can get tricky and is not something you should test your DIY (do it yourself) skills on. 


Everyone who tries to get the job done by themselves ends up with a bathroom that’s never perfect. It’s a much better idea if you hire a professional to get the job done for you.

They do not just give you that professional finishing everyone desires, but can also help you cut down your cost. Moreover, our professionals know exactly what you need and where to find it.

Hiring professional help will also open you to several options that you might not even know existed. Now that you know why you should hire a professional, it’s time for you to understand why you need remodeling.

What once was fashionable could now be ugly. With years of wear and tear, the builder-grade cabinets would now look unsettling. If you see the effects of time everywhere in your bathroom, you probably need a full-scale gut renovation.

However, in some scenarios where a few discreet yet modest upgrades can help you achieve results that create a high impact. Here are a few advantages you get from a bathroom remodeling project.

Store More

Storage capacity and vanity have improved quite a bit in the past years. To the joy of all owners, the average bathroom size has also gotten larger over the years.

If you are still making do with an older bathroom with a smaller area or features an inconvenient layout, remodeling can help you solve your problems.

There’s always an option to knock a few walls down to increase your bathroom size, but you don’t need to go that far.

With the right advice and step-by-step guidance from our professionals at AMD Remodeling, there are various ways you could maximize your existing space.

Embrace the change

With time passing and circumstances changing, your priorities as an owner will eventually change too. For example, the bathroom you loved earlier may now prove unsatisfactory, with children becoming a part of the picture.

Or if you’re looking forward to retirement and are eager to upgrade the bathroom to better suit your current stage of life. If you want to get a bathroom that would be perfect for you now and for the coming years, make sure you call a local pro today to decide for tomorrow.

Correction and Prevention of Damage

With constant exposure to humidity and moisture, even the best bathrooms eventually succumb to such problems as mildew and mold, rot, and decay. Even though addressing water damage usually involves some demolition, extensive repair work prompts all owners to undertake a total renovation.

With our professionals’ help, we can combine best in class modern materials with practical design principles to ensure that your bathroom looks at its best and lasts as long as possible in the future.

A well-designed bathroom with smart use of materials will save you money and effort on regular maintenance and cleaning.


Remodeling projects require an investment of time, thought, and, most crucially, money on the homeowner’s part. Not every remodeling upgrade comes with a favorable return, but a bathroom remodeling project often delivers one of the best ROI (return on investment)

Homeowners typically recoup more than half of the total cost for their bathroom renovation upon resale. In fact, a mid-range bathroom remodel can bring in up to a 72.7 percent return on investment. (Hanley Wood Cost vs. Value 2018)

If you are planning on selling the house later in the future, a bathroom remodeling project could add to your home’s value.

All homeowners in Plano trust the professional bathroom remodeling contractors at AMD Remodeling not just because of our long history of successful projects, which has made our company a household name, but also for our guaranteed satisfaction. We, as a company, are committed to delivering you a successful project now and into the future.

Here at AMD Remodeling, Plano, TX, we have a team of professionals who will help you find your perfect bathroom remodeling solution that comes at a price tag that’s not too hard on your pocket.

Want to get in touch? Call us today at 469-547-5887, and one of our employees should connect with you shortly.

Make sure you ask all the questions and doubts you might have related to the project. It’s vital for you to be as transparent as possible to get the most out of your remodeling.

In addition to Plano, we also work with customers across Dallas, RichardsonAddison, Carrollton, Allen, Frisco, Murphy, and Wylie, TX. Call our remodeling contractors at 469-547-5887 to discuss your needs today.

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