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Shower Remodeling Services In Murphy

With the right changes, your humble home shower can be easily turned into a fabulous getaway. If you get your entire bathroom remodeled, the project has the potential to boost your home’s overall resale value, so a shower remodel is a considerable undertaking.

To help you get started, our professionals from AMD Remodeling in Murphy, TX, have put together a list of tips to make the process easy and hassle-free for your convenience.

How extensive remodeling project are you planning?

Before you get into the details of your project, you need to fixate on a budget. Try to consider how much work you intend to get involved in, what fixtures you are interested in installing, and the price you’re willing to pay.

To make this process easier for you, try and answer these questions for yourself.

Do you wish to enlarge your shower or replace the current materials to get a new look?

Do you want integrated shelves within the shower to hold your bath products or a bench for seating, perhaps?

Would you like a glass enclosure? And if So, what style do you like the best?

Is it crucial to improve the resale value of your home?

Shower types and features

There are several different types of showers you could select that fits your needs and wants. You could also choose to get additional features installed to make your life easier and more efficient. Here are a few types you could choose from.

Walk-in: a walk-in shower offers you easy access, especially for those with mobility limitations. You could go for a sill-less shower with graded flooring for a better drainage solution.

Shower stall: these types of showers are best at offering space efficiency. Shower stalls can give you a more luxurious feel by adding best in class finishes and premium features.

Small showers: small showers can make a compact area feel larger by using a seamless glass enclosure. You could also choose to install a skylight, which could open up the room without taking any space.

Should you hire a professional or do it yourself?

Approaching a shower remodeling project as a DIY project could get tricky. If your finished product looks like an amateur did it, likely, you won’t get the return on investment you were hoping for.

Hiring a professional to do the remodeling project for you is usually your best bet, especially for a project that involves changing your shower position, expanding space, adding light, or any plumbing work.

Professional ideas & inspirations to consider

Seamless Showers

The concept of having seamless showers have been popular amongst DFW homeowners for years, but it has never been as common as they are nowadays. There’s an increase in demand for showers without a sill as well. not only do these look sleek, they also offer convenient access to anyone who may face mobility challenges while stepping over.


Previously, function and utility were of the utmost concern while designing a bathroom. Since then, the design world has seen tremendous growth using various decor elements that look attractive, along with an addition to infusing your bathroom with functionality. If you wish to, you could go with a coastal-inspired bathroom or any other theme that provides you an escape from your everyday life.

Multiple showerheads

If you don’t use your bathtub regularly, our professionals suggest you get rid of your tubs altogether and get more extensive showers with multiple shower heads instead. Utility and functionality are what you need to keep in mind while making this decision. If you are not comfortable taking a shower and prefer getting a bath instead, this probably isn’t the way to go for you.

Steam showers

Steam showers are a hot trend – literally. There is an increase in homeowners who opt to get this added luxury feature to their bathrooms. From small steam stalls to large showers with integrated benches, this trend has different types and sizes.

Light and bright

All white bathrooms have also become increasingly popular for their eye-pleasing and crisp looks. Homeowners aiming to achieve a similar look while still using colors can mimic the effect by pairing very light neutrals with white accents and cabinets.

Colorful showers

When we say colorful, we do not mean bathrooms from the 70s. Many modern homeowners use fresh hues to break up the neutrals and add some visual interest to the room. With just a splash of green and blue combined with the above example, it should work great in a bathroom without overwhelming the space.

Mediterranean flair

Full Brown themes or small accent walls give you a modern-day bathroom with a touch of old-world style. You get to choose from colorful mosaics, intricate tiles, Mediterranean arches, or arabesque patterns to get a fresh shower that has a global appeal.

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Remodeling your shower, the perfect way, is something you should hire a professional to do. Here in Murphy, TX, AMD Remodeling is the best option for all your remodeling needs.

Our professionals will guide your ideas, help you get a fresh look, and add to your bathroom’s overall value and functionality.

A bathroom remodeling done right could get you up to 90% return on your investment if you decide to sell the house later in life.

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