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Most DFW homeowners don’t seem to understand if they need new paint for their interior. The answer to this question depends on various factors, and often these factors are decor-based.

If your home’s color looks dated, or if you have just moved into a house and the colors don’t look good, you will get your home painted eventually.

AMD Remodeling has been serving homeowners in Murphy, TX, for more than two decades. We have noticed quite a few changes in coatings and manufacturing of paints that make them more durable during this.

Interior Painting

Our experts are very well-read about all the latest industry innovations and will make sure to give you suggestions based on your wants and needs. When you hire a professional painting service from AMD Remodeling, we will send in a team of experts who will cater to your demands and give you something truly unique.

If these new-age wall paints are applied right, assuming normal wear and tear along with proper preparation can help it last five or even ten years. Let’s take a look at that in more detail.

Corridors and hallways

The walls and ceiling of these areas see a lot of wear and tear over the years. Since they are used and abused thousands of times throughout the years, they usually have more scuff marks, dents, cracks, and finger marks on the surface.

Using more expensive paints in these areas can help you save money later, especially if it’s washable paint. If the cracks and dents are in the corners of your walls, they can be easily patched and touched up by our professionals in no time.

In our experience, corridors and hallways are painted more often than most other areas of a house. Some homeowners get them painted every 2-3 years.


The remodel job of your master bedroom should usually last an extended period of time. Bedrooms as a room do not see much activity, so they don’t require frequent painting, obviously, except children’s bedrooms.

Since a child’s bedroom doubles as a playroom, most of the time, they suffer quite a bit of abuse. It would be best if you used top quality paint that has a higher Sheen in these rooms. Eggshell or even satin/pearl sheen is ideal.

These types of paints can often be scrubbed clean, making them last much longer. You can also paint a particular section of the wall with chalkboard paint. This should encourage your children to express all their creativity on a predefined wall and hopefully leave other walls alone.

The plain and simple reality is that wall paint will not last long where kids spend their time. Therefore kid’s rooms should be painted more often than your master bedroom, maybe every 2-3 years.

Dining and living room

Wall paint in these rooms usually lasts longer, despite them being used often. A lot of activity that occurs in this room tends to be formal. Our professionals will apply a good quality paint and do extensive prep work in these areas, as they showcase your house’s decor and vibe.

Draperies, furniture, plants, and floor lamps can serve as a buffer, even if it’s just visually, they keep people away from touching your walls.

Deciding on repainting these rooms is often accompanied by a significant change of style and decor. Due to all these reasons, painting these rooms every five to seven years is common.

Kitchen, laundry, and bathroom

These rooms fall under the “busy room” category of your home. It’s crucial for you to go for durable paint in these areas. In a space like a kitchen where there is a lot of food preparation and cooking, you should have paint that can be washed easily.

Despite the decorating advice, which suggests using a low Sheen paint, you should always have a Saturn or pearl finish on your kitchen walls. Our professionals have painted many kitchens in their professional career, and they understand that it requires a lot of preparation work before painting and quite often priming and washing.

The main culprit in bathrooms and laundry rooms is the humidity and moisture that’s constantly in the air. In the old days, professionals used to think that alkyd semi gloss paint would be an appropriate choice for these rooms.

Unfortunately, this type of paint ends up creating a lot of mildew, which is extremely difficult to control. Our professionals over at AMD Remodeling recommend you to use water-based paints for humid areas, which last longer.

The paint job in these rooms do not last a long time and needs to be redone every three to four years. Having proper ventilation in these rooms will allow humidity to escape, which may help you extend the life of your paint job.

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A paint job done right can easily change your home’s overall aesthetics and vibe, making it an extension of your personality. Slapping a newer coat of paint to your Murphy home’s interior can help add tremendous value to your property.

All our professional interior painters are well equipped with all the knowledge, experience, and tools required to get the job done correctly.

Whether you are tired of your walls’ contemporary look or would like to add a little personality to your interior, our team of home painting professionals from AMD Remodeling can get the job done for you with minimal mess.

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