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Exterior Painting Services In Addison

AMD Remodeling is a premier Murphy exterior painting company that serves the whole of Murphy along with most other surrounding communities. We have been painting for years and have catered to almost 450+ projects, received around 15 awards and accolades, and have garnered an excellent reputation for delivering consistent and high-quality painting work. If you have any questions about painting your Murphy property’s exteriors, do not hesitate – ask us for a professional opinion. 


The frequency to paint your exteriors depends on what the exteriors are made of, your surroundings, when the property was last painted, and more such factors. Extreme climatic conditions again take a serious toll on the life of the paint. Darker paints fade, leaving patches, while other types form bubbles or blisters.

We feel there may be no concrete answer to the best time you must get the property repainted. But what we always recommend is to look for signs. If you observe cracks, chips, or any other issue that is impacting the property’s appearance, time to consider painting!

Besides, you can always discuss with a trusted and qualified painting contractor if it is the right time to go for a paint job or not. Exterior painting is also majorly reliant on the current climate, so the paint adheres optimally to the base. If you are interested in giving your property exteriors are refresher, the team at AMD Remodeling can help.


Our processes are about thorough prep work and precision. Your property is a significant investment already, so we make sure the asset only outshines its current condition and not merely slap just any paint to call it done! Exterior painting is a responsible and comprehensive task that makes or breaks the value of your property besides safeguarding it from external deterioration.

While you might feel the decision is quite a personal preference, we face a good deal of restriction in Murphy. The color scheme may sometimes be a little off, or the property looks unappealing in the neighborhood. Our professional contractors make sure to take the process seamlessly through and through. We deploy quality products and years of expertise to achieve a smoother look and results that last.

Loose dirt, debris, car exhausts, mold, mildew, extreme Texas weather conditions, and more such elements affect the quality of your property’s exteriors. Employing a professional touch ensures your property survives both the harsh summers and cold in Murphy without chipping, fading, cracking, or blistering the paint. Our knowledgeable crew offers you practical advice, which is just another reason people put their trust in us over other Murphy exterior painting contractors. We know the area, and we know our job! This allows us to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


As industry experts operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, we at AMD Remodeling make every effort to offer a wide variety of essential exterior painting services. We understand what it takes to create a successful and custom exterior painting project and employ the steps to address problem areas from corner to corner.

We offer you more than just an exterior paint job. The team helps you freshen up your property and make the best choices that last for years. We provide you an outcome that transforms your vision into a stunning reality – on time and well within your budget.


At AMD Remodeling, we are a local painting contractor who can very well understand what your Murphy property exteriors need. Every painting project has tailored demands. We also recognize the elements these exteriors have been facing all this while. Thus, hiring a local and proficient painting specialist assures you peace of mind and a paint job that resonates with your ultimate requirements without damaging environmental factors affecting the paint so quickly.

If you are looking to update your property’s exteriors with a fresh new look, AMD Remodeling is a team of professional Murphy house painters you can count on. We offer professionalism, honesty, affordability, and reliable results every time.


Painting exteriors is a time-consuming job that takes precision and expertise. It is better left to the pros than DIY. Allow us to take over your hassles and ease your stress. Our Murphy exterior painting experts are here to help you! Call us right away at 469-547-5887 to discuss your exterior painting needs or request a free quote online.

Besides Murphy, the AMD Remodeling team also serves other major areas in Texas, includin  DallasAddisonFriscoPlanoRichardsonAllenMurphy, and Wylie, TX. For a more personalized discussion, visit us at 3870 Ponte Ave, Unit 372 Addison, TX – 75001. We would be happy to see you in person and learn your painting expectations.