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A professional bathroom remodeling project could very well be a significant investment for your home, but it’s an investment which certainly pays off in the long run. This is probably the reason why a bathroom remodeling project is one of the most highly demanded home-improvement projects among all homeowners in Murphy, TX.

Many people often think twice before getting into a project like this simply because they don’t understand the process. Scrolling through Pinterest and picking out your favorite bathroom design is great, but the actual renovation itself can be daunting.

There should be a strong connection between form and function that needs to fit perfectly in your budget for a remodeling to go perfectly. This is why our team at AMD Remodeling, Murphy, TX, have taken some time out to put together a guide that should help you understand how the process works and everything else you need to know about a bathroom remodel.

Here are some factors you should know beforehand.


Whenever planning on getting a bathroom remodeled, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Honestly, there is no definitive range you could hope for when it comes to a remodeling project.

This is because various details could affect the total cost of the renovation. Nevertheless, on the lower side of the spectrum, we could say that bathroom remodeling could cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $5,000. 

A budget like this includes less expensive materials, small size bathrooms, and trying to work with elements already in the bathroom. On the high end, you can easily spend well over $20,000 in a bathroom remodeling.

Our experts recommend you to not spend more than five to ten percent of your home’s value on a bathroom remodeling. For many, that in itself is already a hefty price tag. If you are looking for options, call us at 469-547-5887, and we can get you a free quote depending on what you’re looking to get done.

Do-It-Yourself vs Contractor

Being contractors ourselves, we are going to suggest that you go with experts, for obvious reasons. Be that as it may, if you are planning on getting some minor updates done, like painting or updating your mirror, and you are confident in your abilities, you should definitely go for it.

But keep it in mind that hiring a professional is certainly not your most considerable cost. Most of your expenses usually come from plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces/counters. These could cost more for an average homeowner than it would for a professional contractor.

If you are planning on getting a significant layout change or an extensive renovation done, we recommend that you hire a professional contractor. Hiring an expert in plumbing, electrical, and installation will help you save time and money.

Investing in a professional also gives you absolute peace of mind. You do not have to worry about simple mistakes that often happen when doing such remodeling yourself. Hiring a professional also helps you save money in future repairs since experts know precisely how and what needs to be done in order to give you the most durability possible.


This is the part where you spend money to make your life both more comfortable and luxurious. Space-saving features, added medicine cabinets, and improved lighting aren’t just great for you but also adds to the value of your home to potential buyers if you plan on selling the property later.

You don’t have to feel like you need a statement bathtub or maybe that’s exactly what you want. Consider updating to a modern toilet or getting shower fixtures. Try to figure out what aspects you use frequently and spend money on those.

A few modern features people end up love getting are timer exhaust fans, heated floors, additional outlets, heated towel racks and lighting in shower.

Getting updates like these will help you to take your bathroom experience to a whole new level.

Less exciting yet most important is updating your electrical and plumbing. Make sure you pay proper attention to plumbing and electrical fixtures as they will improve your overall washroom comfort.

Not to mention, another significant change you could go for is by changing your surfaces. Changing the color of the walls and updating tiles can completely change the vibe of the room.

Maximum space utilization

Even though this might seem obvious, you would be surprised how people never take storage and layout seriously. People shouldn’t make their toilets the first thing that anyone sees. It is never an aesthetically pleasing visual and could quickly kill the relaxation vibe.

Since bathrooms are hyper-functional, they need adequate storage space to put your shampoo and things like toilet papers.

Optimizing your space is not just for smaller bathrooms. This is something to keep in mind, no matter the square footage you have to work with. Answer these questions for yourself. Is it your master bath? Do you need some extra space to get ready in it? Or, is it the bath that only guests would use?

This should help you decide on how to get the most of the space you have in your bathroom.

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