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Shower Remodeling Services In Frisco

We, at AMD Remodeling, can provide you with all your shower and bathroom renovation needs. Be it a shower remodeling, bathroom tiling, vanity remodeling, or even an entire bathroom renovation, we offer a laundry list of remodeling services that come with an affordable price tag.

As a company, we take great pride in being the best bathroom remodeling professionals in Frisco, Texas, and surrounding cities, that deliver unparalleled results every time we take on a project.

With years of experience and training, we are confident that our professionals will only exceed your expectations. Our specialty includes anything remodeling, and customer satisfaction is our priority.


A perfect shower can be a haven in your daily stressful life. It acts as a personal pampering area in your house that helps you rejuvenate. As a professional bathroom remodeling company, our professionals from AMD Remodeling can upgrade your shower to the sleekest looking room in your home.

Do you want a shower remodel? We are here for you. Whatever look you may be aiming to get, our experts can help you find exactly what you need within your budget. It’s probably time for you to get rid of your outdated bathroom styles and treat yourself to the newest in class offerings.


A shower or bathroom remodeling project often involves various things that need to be taken care of. One of these things may include changing your current tiles. Several benefits come with tiling, including but not limited to its lower cost of maintenance.

Wall or floor tiles in your shower (like ceramic tiles) are usually water repellent, which in turn means that you’ll need very little oversight to maintain the look after installation. It is easy to maintain these tiles by using a sponge to wipe off any dirt or grime.

In itself, tiling is also relatively cost-effective if you compare the costs per square meter, considering its lower long-term maintenance cost. Durability is another reason most people like to go with tiling during a renovation project for their bathrooms.

Good quality tiles last years, and our professionals will make sure that the best grout and sealants are applied to ensure even longer-lasting results.

Bathtub and shower replacement

One of the primary reasons why people get their bathroom remodeled is selecting their dream shower and tub. Our experts herald themselves as the best in replacing your old shower with something you’ve seen in your dreams.

A shower impacts your washroom’s overall aesthetics, be it a guest bathroom or your master bathroom. If you end up debating yourself choosing what fits best for your requirements, our team of professionals can help you with that too.

After all, we are always available to your service and have enough experience to provide valuable insight that may help you decide. We understand that having so many options when choosing materials and styles could get a little tricky.

This is why we ask you to hire professional remodelers to guide you through the process with ease and help you realize your bathroom’s true capabilities.

Cabinets and vanity

Vanity is often described as the sink, basin, and surrounding storage area. These, along with other old cabinetries, should be well thought of and designed to deliver you a clean and finished look that hides any plumbing or electrical material.

A new bathroom vanity will make a fantastic addition to your existing master bathroom makeover. It’s convenient and efficient since it can store most of your daily essentials and other toiletry items like toothpaste, makeup, toilet paper, etc.

All our professionals from AMD Remodeling are experienced in designing, building, and installing these cabinets to act as a functional yet visually appealing addition to your bathroom.

We also give you different options to solve your storage problems, such as built-in shelves, behind the mirror storage, extra drawer space, wall storage, and more to help you choose what fits best for your bathroom.


Flooring plays a crucial part in your renovation project. It could make or break the aesthetics and ambiance of this personal space. An excellent remodeling company like us emphasizes every last detail.

As a professional remodeling company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we make sure to take all aspects of your bathroom renovation seriously and try to give you what you envisioned. After all, customer satisfaction is our end goal.

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, we at AMD Remodeling promise to deliver your dream space. A bathroom remodeling project should be an enjoyable and exciting process for everyone involved, so we work personally with each of our clients to ensure the best quality outcome.

With our clear communication skills and transparency, we’ll make sure that your visions are executed into reality seamlessly.

Why should you choose AMD remodeling?

Our company and all its employees are dedicated to providing you the best service in all of Frisco, TX. We have years of experience and training, along with many previously satisfied customers who will prove our track record for success.

Being the professionals we are, our experts pay close attention to detail because, ultimately, they all add up to give you the perfect look and feel. From drywall colors to tiling, you can count on us to help you remodel your bathroom and transform it to achieve that ideal vision you had for your comfort.

If you are unsure where to begin, give us a call at 469-547-5887, and our professionals will answer all your queries.

We are happy to consult all our clients on their remodeling decisions and give them a free quote to ease their stress. In addition to Frisco, we work with customers across DallasRichardsonPlanoAddisonCarrolltonAllenFriscoMurphy, and Wylie, TX. Call our remodeling contractors to discuss your needs today: 469-547-5887.