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Getting your kitchen remodeled is a huge undertaking that requires careful planning and precision. While gathering information, sourcing ideas on Pinterest, and poring through all the samples at your local decor store seems fun; you need to look at the bigger picture before setting on the journey.

Start by considering the space you’re working with, your existing setup’s functional ability, and your estimated cost for the overall renovation. This will help you devise a plan which you can meticulously stick to.

You need to figure out if you feel like increasing your kitchen’s size, as this will undoubtedly affect your budget and planning.


If the ground rules are not set firmly, any remodeling project can get out of hands in terms of money and size. With our team of professionals at AMD Remodeling, we can help you develop a simple yet effective plan that will make sure that the project runs smoothly and within your budget.

The Budget

Deciding on the costs of a remodeling project in Frisco, TX, is undoubtedly the most challenging yet crucial task you have to do; hence, it’s the one you should take care of first.

A full kitchen makeover could be costly depending on what materials you use, so first consider your budget when deciding how big you want the project to go.

Remember that this cost is more or less like an investment since it will later be reimbursed if you decide to sell the property.

For reference, research your favorite kitchen and remodeling websites and magazines.

You could also ask us to show you all our previous projects; this will help you better estimate your budget.

You can also look into a home equity loan or financing options if you’re planning for a significant endeavor.

Exploring ways to cut down on expenses yourself is also a great way to save some money. Giving your cabinets a facelift rather than getting all new ones would help.

Examine Your Existing layout

Most kitchen experts emphasize that while renovating the kitchen, a substantial amount of money can be saved if one sticks to the current layout and incorporates simple changes.

Keeping major kitchen-essential systems like electric wiring, plumbing, and gas connections intact in their original locations could save you a large chunk of money.

This, however, does not insinuate that the locations of your new cabinets must be the same as before.

While you may leave your sink in its last place while planning your kitchen renovations, you may change your cabinets’ format from closed ones to open ones or perhaps to the ones with designer glass doors.

In case you are definite about wanting to change the positions of your kitchen-essential systems like the placements of the sink or the refrigerator, you may need to rewire the current code. Try to avoid moving your gas piping for your cooktop or oven or re-routing air-conditioning and heating ductwork.

Choosing your appliances

If you want, you could also consider changing your current kitchen appliances in the overall remodeling project. For example, if you consider getting an extensive commercial range, you need to make sure that these appliances’ weight may require some additional construction underneath to brace the floor.

If you plan on changing your current vent duct, you may require to reconstruct parts of your ceiling or walls to re-route the upgraded ducts.

If you plan on replacing your dishwasher or changing your current dishwashers’ placement, you may require some additional wiring and plumbing along with some changes to your cabinet height. It will help you pair your appliance seamlessly with your new design.

Different models of cooktops usually require different depths of cabinet space underneath, which may not give you enough room to get a utensil drawer directly below your countertop. Make sure you ask the professional to plan accordingly.

A custom shelf or cabinet may be required to fit your oven’s style and size; that is, if you don’t prefer setting up your microwave on the counter itself.

Select your lighting

A good lighting plan can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Great lighting can show you the difference between an ordinary and a spectacular kitchen remodeling project.

If your kitchen plan currently features one or two ceiling lights along with a tiny window over the sink, it’s time for you to upgrade. Start by replacing your old windows and doors with modern and larger ones that let more light in.

Using layers of recessed lighting, pendant fixtures, LED under cabinet lights, or a chandelier can add to your overall project’s dramatic effect. For your glass cabinets, you could choose to install mini spotlights to display all your beautiful glassware.

Make sure you use dimmer switches on all your lighting so that you could control the amount of light you need throughout the day. Please pay attention to your switches’ location as well; make sure they are within your reach and convenient.

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