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With every season passing year after year, your property’s exterior paint job is exposed to its two worst enemies; moisture and sunlight. If you don’t have some sort of preventive maintenance program in place, both these elements will keep being a considerable cost to your wallet. 

To help you understand what moisture and sunlight does to your Frisco home, our experts from AMD Remodeling have written it down in simpler terms for you. When your house’s exterior surface is painted, the film itself is resistant to water contact from dew and rain. 

The problem begins when there is some amount of moisture between the paint and the surface. The exterior paint of your home weakens when there is a loss of gloss.

Due to the constant exposure of UV rays, the lifecycle of your paint can reduce significantly. Loss of gloss is also a sign of deterioration and can also be represented by the term chalking.

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It is a widespread problem since the sunlight breaks down the exterior paint binder, leaving the pigment itself like a powder on the surface. The cold of the winter and heat of the summer makes the surface of your house contract and expand.

A good paint done correctly will withstand these temperature changes due to its flexibility, properties, and application.

Being the professional painters we are, AMD Remodeling will always have your back when it comes to maintaining your house’s best look. Serving DFW, our professionals will ensure that you get the most out of your exterior paint job without any hassle.

With more than 25 years of experience, we know exactly how to plan and execute a paint job that gives you the most value for your money.

Our team of experts have noticed that there could be various reasons why you might need a new paint for the exterior of your home.

Some of the most common reasons why you should get an exterior paint job are given below:


Alligatoring is the patterned cracking in the film of your paint that resembles the scale of an alligator. There could be many reasons why you may find this on your exterior walls, such as:

  • Applying a hard-drying topcoat over a non-drying coating of paint
  • The topcoat of your paint drying too quickly from being under the sun
  • as a result of the natural aging of your oil-based paints

Because of temperature fluctuation, the constant contraction and expansion of your surface results in the loss of the paints elasticity and leads to cracking. 


Blistering is basically bubbles resulting from the localized loss of adhesives and the lifting of your paint film from the underlying exterior surface of your home. Reasons that you may be facing blistering are:

  • Painting a warm surface under direct sunlight
  • applying alkyd or oil-based paint over a wet or damp surface
  • space for moisture to escape through your exterior walls
  • exposure of your latex outer paint film to dew, rain, or humidity shortly after applying the paint.
  • Inadequate surface preparation


The formation of powder on the surface of your paint film during weathering can cause color fading. Though some degree of chalking is expected since it is a way for paint-film to wear, excessive film erosion could result in heavy chalking. Reasons for chalking are:

  • Interior paint used for exterior application
  • use of oil-based paint

In general, alkyd-based paint will chalk more than its latex counterpart. It is suggested that you use a latex coating if your house is subjected to severe sun exposure.


The splitting off your dry exterior paint film, even a single coat, can lead to the complete failure of your paint job. Early on, the issue appears as minor as a hairline crack, but it can result in paint chips and flaking of your home exterior paint with time. The most common causes of your homes external paint cracking or flaking are:

  • Over thinning of your paint as a result of spreading it too much
  • Poor or inadequate surface preparation
  • Painting under windy or chilly conditions makes latex paint dry faster than normal
  • Using low-quality paints that do not adhere correctly or have low flexibility


Premature or excessive fading of your exterior paint color often occurs if you have a house that faces direct sunlight for most of the day. This is relatively easy to notice since hidden areas like you’re in eaves will not show signs of fade. Even excessive chalking can result in fading. Some potential reasons for your exterior paint fading are:

  • Intense exposure to sunlight
  • Using altered paint leads to rapid degradation
  • Using paint colors that are more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation (light red, yellow, and shades of orange)


Peeling is when your paint coating starts to lift from the surface as a result of poor adhesion. It can involve a single or several layers of coat. The reasons for peeling of your exterior paint are:

  • Too much moisture in the substrate (especially if your paint is oil-based)
  • Applying paint on a dirty surface, i.e., wax, grease, mildew, and chalk.
  • Applying oil-based paint on a wet surface
  • Using lousy quality of exterior paint

In case you require an exterior repainting of your home, there are three crucial things to remember:

1) Hire a professional painting service provider – Painting the exterior of your home is more than just putting on a few coats of paint. It is a much more in-depth home remodel process considering various situations that are taken into account. Your paint will be exposed to several elements like moisture, sunlight, temperature, rain, etc. 

All our professional painters from AMD Remodeling will know precisely when to paint your exterior to get the most out of your exterior painting project. They will also make sure to take precaution against non-weather related problems such as improper staining, improper prepping, and painting over a wet surface, etc.

2) Do not compromise on the paint quality – A good quality paint will last you much longer

3) All preventive measures are worth it – Regular maintenance of your home’s exterior paint every 3-5 years is ideal for all homeowners living in the Frisco, Texas, area.

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