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While most DFW homeowners consider getting their interior painted when they feel like changing the decor of their home or creating a tidy and fresh appearance, they often neglect their home’s exterior paint

A beautiful layer of exterior paint can add to your house’s curb appeal and provide you some level of weather protection for your home.

It would be best if you considered getting your exterior paint done to ensure that your house looks its best throughout the year. 

The exterior paint differs a lot from your interior paint since it needs to provide protection for your house’s outer surface. Your home exterior is constantly exposed to harsh elements such as the sun, heavy rain, and fierce winds, which can quickly compromise any unprotected wood’s integrity.


There are a few types of special paints available on the market which can provide additional protection. If you plan on refreshing your house’s exterior, you should consider that your usual painter may not be adequately equipped for a challenge like this.

If you live in Dallas, TX, you must consider hiring a professional exterior painter from AMD Remodeling who has all the required equipment and expertise to manage various aspects of a home painting project.

Our professionals are often asked about the benefits that come along with an exterior painting project. Given below are a few important reasons why you should get the exterior of your house painted:

Prevent any termite damage

Staining and painting the exterior surface of your home can help you seal off any exposed area prone to damage from termites or any other wood-eating pests. 

Protection against harsh winters

All of us know the effects of extreme temperature, ice, and salt can have on us, so you need to think about all the distress that your house goes through each year. A fresh coat of protective paint adds a barrier between the old man winter and your home.

Extends your sidings lifetime

All vinyl sidings should easily last up to fifty years. However, everyday wear and tear can end up cutting that lifetime down without much effort. 

Painting your exterior can help you to not only keep your siding looking clean and tidy but can also extend its life drastically. A small investment in time can help you save huge bills later. 

Increase your curb appeal 

If you plan on putting your house for sale anytime recently, a freshly painted exterior of your home can make a world of difference. 

Even if you are not planning on selling your house anytime soon, giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint can boost your neighborhood’s charm and look.

Maintain structural integrity

Mildew and mold can easily breakdown the structural integrity of your property’s wooden surfaces. Unprotected wood is comparatively much more susceptible to water damage.

If your wooden surface goes unprotected for an extended period of time, it can absorb water from dew and rain and begin to swell, soften, and decay. This could lead to the replacement of your wooden boards or even your entire siding or decks. 

Getting them painted while you still have the chance can be a profitable deal for you.

It saves you from any splinters

In extreme cases, you may save your toes from any splinters or even add a few years to the full life of your wooden deck and patio by using products that are meant to seal your wooden surface.

All are professional painters from AMD Remodeling can help you achieve the best result from an exterior paint job in no time. They will not only get the job done but will also help you choose your materials wisely. With more than twenty years of experience, our professionals have all the right suggestions to help you make the most from your exterior paint job.

The choice of color

The color of your choice can help you reflect some elements of your personality and character in your property’s appearance. Most people try and rush their color of choice, but you must make this decision based on various factors like the color scheme used in your neighborhood, your home’s architectural features, and the style you prefer.

Most homeowners go for a neutral color that ages well and provides their home an elegant finish. Homeowners also choose two shades that offer a contrasting effect to their home. Painting your home’s exterior with off white or white and using a darker color on your trim can help you create a striking and attractive look for your property.

It’s crucial to remember that the windows and trims will have to complement your chosen color scheme to ensure that everything works together seamlessly. Nowadays, there is almost the same range of colors available for your exterior paints as you would find for interior, so you can easily create your very own color palette of choice.

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