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Exterior Painting Services In Carrollton

When was the last time you got your home’s exterior painted? When was the last time you paid attention to the exterior paint of your home? If you cannot answer these questions for yourself, then it’s probably time to get your home’s exterior painted.

A new coat of paint can drastically improve your DFW home’s look and feel while adding value to your property. 

Like most homeowners, you too may be interested in tackling this DIY project by yourself, but before you do, think hard about all the effort, time, and expense involved in the process. 


With AMD Remodeling, you can get your home’s exterior paint repainted into something that seamlessly fits your style and standards. If you live in Carrollton, TX, and are looking to change your home’s look on a budget, then we can help.

Our professional exterior painters are well equipped to get your job done within the schedule and at a price tag that is friendly to your pocket. Hiring a professional means that they will take care of the entire project for you, be it planning, buying materials, or executing.

Most homeowners seem to find themselves struggling when planning an exterior painting project for their home.

All our AMD Remodeling experts believe that planning an exterior painting project is just as important as executing it right. The problem with homeowners planning an exterior painting project is that they need to find free time.

This brings us to the very first reason why you should get in touch with AMD Remodeling to get the exterior of your house painted.

Your time is valuable.

You know how important your time is. It’s better that you spend your precious time on other important things rather than making countless trips to your nearest hardware store, or spending extra time touching up all the spots you missed.

After you are done painting the exterior of your home comes the cleaning process. If you are not a professional and have no painting experience, the project can quickly go from bad to worse in no time.

You will have to take even more time to clean all the paint splatters from the areas you don’t want the paint on. The lesser people you have, the more work you’ll have to do, making the entire project take longer than expected.

Hire a professional painter from AMD Remodeling so that you could spend your time on other essential things. Our professional will show up on time and get the job done precisely the way you want.

We have the right tools

There is a good chance that you may not have all the necessary tools and equipment required to paint the exterior of your house. You will need to purchase paint, long handles, rollers, ladders, and drop clothes to get started in the first place.

By the time you get all these things, you will be better off hiring a professional. Besides, what will happen to all these things once you’re done with the project? Our professionals from AMD Remodeling will bring all the necessary tools, get the job done, and take it all away when they leave.

This will help you save the money and time it takes to buy all the things you need and protects you from the hassle of storing them when done.


If your home has two stories, you will have to use a ladder or scaffolding to reach the second story. This has a certain amount of risk involved in the process since you will have to climb a ladder in order to paint your home’s exterior surface.

The risk could be even much more if the ground around your home has a slope. If there is any landscaping around your house, it may present a challenge to stabilize your ladder.

All our professional home remodeling experts at AMD Remodeling will get the job done safely since they have all the right tools. Our experts also have enough training to use the tools the way they are meant to be used.

Professionals have skills that you don’t

When was the last time you painted a straight line? If it wasn’t that straight, it’s probably better for you to call for a professional.

Professional painters paint trim regularly, so they have proper skills to get sharp straight lines. We also know how to paint huge areas so that they don’t look blotchy or patchy.

If your property has many architectural details on its exterior surface, you should let us do the job for you. These designs require professional experience and tools to give you the best results.

Proper preparation

Most homeowners who choose to paint their home all by themselves skip most of the prep work and wonder why their paint job does not look as good as it should.

The secret to a professional exterior painting project is to do a perfect job while preparing your surface.

Professionals from AMD Remodeling know this and will take their time to prepare your home before they start painting.

They will make sure to clean any peeling or bubbling paint from your walls and do minor repairs such as stucco cracks, filling holes, shocking, etc. to ensure that your new colour looks it’s best.

Get in touch with AMD Remodeling today!

Hiring a professional painter from AMD Remodeling to paint the exterior of your home will save you both money and time. DIY projects are never as cheap or quick as you think they are.

It usually includes a few unplanned trips to your nearest hardware store for tools you forgot and materials you need. You also need some extra time for fixing and cleaning after your job is done.

If you live in Carrollton, TX, give us a call at 469-547-5887, and our professionals will guide you through the process.

As a premier remodeling company, all our services focus on our consumer’s needs and wants. Our professionals will ensure that the finished project looks and feels exactly how you wanted it to be.