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Allen Interior Painting is a beautifully painted home can help you impress your visitors as well as create a visually appealing living space for you and your loved ones. But to achieve this, you will have to make sure that you are hiring an interior painting expert for your home painting project.

We at AMD Remodeling have been serving homeowners in Allen, TX, for a long time now. All are professional painters who can help you achieve the perfect look you always desired for your house.

Our experience in the field makes us ideal for getting the job done, not just right but also on time.

Besides making your home aesthetically pleasing, a high-end painting project can also increase the value of your home.

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If you hire a professional painter from AMD Remodeling to paint the interior of your house, you, like most DFW homeowners, will likely wonder how often your ceilings, walls, and trim should be painted.

One of the most popular reasons to get your house painted is to update your room’s colors. A good paint job can also help you ensure that your home looks excellent. 

Though your interior does not typically need to be painted as often as your exterior walls, there are some simple painting rules you should follow to keep your house looking fresh in every space and surface.

How often should you paint your interiors?

Some walls of your home require this home improvement task more frequently than others due to regular wear and tear. For example, if you and your family only eat in the formal dining room a few times a year, you will probably not need to paint its walls as often as your kitchen, bathroom, or hallways.

1. Kitchen and bathroom: food splatters, moisture, and messy fingers on your walls are a few factors that require you to repaint your kitchens and bathrooms more often than your living and dining rooms. Professional painters from AMD Remodeling use the most durable and glossy paints on these walls to ensure that your interior paint job lasts as long as possible. It is highly likely for your kitchen and bathroom to ask for a fresh coat of paint every three to four years.

2.Living and dining rooms: if you choose to go with high quality and durable paint in these rooms, you will not need a repaint for quite some time. Even if you don’t use your dining room as often as your living room, a durable paint job and the room’s decor can help protect it from wear. It would be best if you got your house interior painted every five to seven years. This is the appropriate frequency that can do the trick for both these rooms.

3.Bedrooms: if your family does not have any kids, you will notice that the paint job in your bedrooms can last longer. Since bedrooms are typically used less frequently, you will find that your bedroom does not need a repaint unless you want to change its color. Nevertheless, kids bedrooms are an entirely different story since they are used for both play and sleep. If you wish to, our professional painters from AMD Remodeling can use a particular satin sheet or eggshell while repainting your children’s bedroom. This will ensure that your paint job lasts longer, even when it has to be scrubbed down now and then.

4.Hallways: corridors and hallways of your home are often walked through more than any other space in your Allen This results in many scuff marks, tents, and different wear and tear types throughout this area. Having a professional painter paint these spaces every two or three years can help you keep your paint looking fresh and new.

How often should you get your ceiling painted?

Painting your house’s interior also includes painting your ceiling. Repainting the ceiling of your home can be a great way to brighten up any dull room in your house. In time, white-colored ceilings will show yellow in certain spots due to moisture, sunlight, and other daily wear.

Unfortunately for you, this yellowing of the wall may not be visible until it’s too late because the process is very gradual and slow. You need to keep in mind that your ceiling paint tends to last twice as long as your wall paint before the yellowing gets serious.

Getting your ceilings repainted every other time your walls are painted can help you keep your ceilings looking bright. When you give your ceiling painting project to a professional interior painting company like AMD Remodeling, it can offer you up to 10 years of life before it needs another coat of paint.

How frequently should you paint your trim and baseboards?

While painting the interior of your house, don’t forget about getting your interior trim. Your home’s window trim, doors, baseboards, cabinets, and other such decorative wood details are sure to take a lot of beating inside your home.

Besides simply wanting to change your trim’s color scheme, you will notice that trim inside rooms that have high foot traffic show more signs of wear and chipping than others that aren’t frequently used. You can ask our professionals to look at your interior trim and get it painted, depending on its current state.

Trust painting professionals from AMD Remodeling to paint your interior house with perfection. 

Is it time for you to paint the interior of your home already? Be it your ceiling painting, interior wall painting, or trim painting services, with AMD Remodeling in Allen, TX; you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Our qualified painting team will expertly refresh all your rooms in your home by adequately preparing each and every surface and using only the most durable and quality paints to give you a paint job that lasts for years.

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