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Most homeowners in Allen, TX, would agree that painting your house is an easy and quick way to update or refresh your home. From changing your master bedroom to changing the color of your home’s exterior, painting as a home improvement strategy is both cost-effective and gives immediate results.  

With AMD Remodeling, you can easily give your house a new paint job that brings the most out of your property. If you live in Allen, Texas, and want to give your home an upgrade that lasts long, then help is just one phone call away. 

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Our experts believe that painting your home’s interior and exterior always ends up adding value to your property. Whether you are planning on upgrading your home’s appearance for years to come or are wanting to add some curb appeal to sell it, a paint job can be a worthy investment for you.

There are usually a few questions that DFW homeowners ask before deciding on getting their house repainted. Our team from AMD Remodeling has given some information below to help you find the answer to these frequently asked questions. 

How often should you get your house painted in Allen, Texas?

Most painting contractors will often recommend you to paint your house more frequently than we do. That is just because they are accustomed to a finish that does not last as long as it really could.

Our professionals from AMD Remodeling make sure that they apply the paint in the recommended thickness. This makes both your interior and exterior paint much more durable and able to withstand the test of elements such as frost, rain, UV light, and other extreme weather conditions.

Be it any home, our professionals ensure that you get the best quality paint that lasts long and stays well within your budget. Using good quality paint makes sure that the protection against elements is at its best. 

Spending a little more money here can save you from redoing this entire process later. 

How does the weather damage my home’s paint?

Your home’s exterior is going to be continually exposed to various weather conditions for years. This takes a significant toll on your exterior paint and its quality over time. The exterior color of your home can fade and lose its original glow. With UV rays constantly attacking the surface, your paint might even become chalky. 

If you live in an area that has extreme temperature variations repeatedly, the surface can end up expanding and contracting, which causes the paint to crack. If not repaired in time, these cracks may grow larger and become a giant headache.

When you call, our expert will ask you a series of questions to better understand what you as an owner are expecting out of a paint job, such as:

  • What are the colors you’ve seen that you like?
  • What is your biggest concern with the painting project?
  • What can we do to make sure that you are satisfied with the results?

What are the advantages of keeping your house paint new?

A good quality paint job should last you for years. This results in less overall upkeep of your exterior and more savings since you don’t have to get it painted as often. 

A good-looking color scheme will also make your house look beautiful and new, which certainly increases your home’s value and interests more potential buyers.

It does not matter how old your house is or how long you and your family have lived in it; a new paint job will help you revive your property’s age.

When is the best time to get your house painted?

All paint responds best to mild temperatures and dry air, making these conditions the best for application, adhesion, and drying of the surface of your newly painted walls. In summers, the weather is extremely warm, which can cause the surface to dry too fast. 

Though it may sound like a good thing, it isn’t. In winters, the paint does not dry fast enough. During the fall, the weather brings waves of wind that can kick contaminants up from the ground and stick them to the paint. Spring, however, is just right!

Value Appreciation 

All improvements made to your home are always sure to increase its resale value, whether you remodel a kitchen, build a small guest house, add a garage, or in this case, repainting the interior and exterior of your home. 

Even if your home is much older than others that are up for sale, a new paint job can help you spur up its appearance to potential buyers. Have you been looking for a professional company that can help you improve the look of your Allen, TX home with longer-lasting results? Get in touch with AMD Remodeling today, and get your home improvement project started at once.

AMD Remodeling has been in the game for more than two decades, which gives us enough experience to deliver what we promise. There could be various reasons why you would consider getting your home repainted. 

Whether you’re tired of the same old walls or would like to add a little personality to your interior, our professionals from AMD Remodeling will make sure that they deliver a project that makes you realize your home’s true potential. 

In addition to Allen, we work with customers across DallasRichardsonPlanoAddisonCarrolltonAllenFriscoMurphy, and Wylie, TX. Call our home painting contractors to discuss your needs today: 469-547-5887.

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